Is It Wrong To Cheat?!!!

  1. Just had to ask you guys what you think although i am selling all my none hermes bags i really like the prada gauffre tote (like v.beckhams)....Would it be silly of me to buy it !1400 euros as you know i have some hermes beauties promise to post new pics on fri when my bro comes over!or should i buy a collier du chien in blk with pallidium?:smile:
  2. IMHO, nothing wrong with cheating. it's your money and sometimes something else will come your way that may catch your fancy, or you may have something from the past with sentimental value. I think it's totally okay to diversify once in a while.:yes:

    Looking forward to your pics!!!
  3. Variety is the spice of life........:graucho:
  4. It's great to completely and utterly be in love with a "Brand" and the quality of it....however - I see nothing wrong with liking other things/styles as well!
  5. You must think i'm a complete duh that i cant post pics of my jpg but my husband has the digital and went to buy another one last wkend only to hear from my friend in fuji that there is a pink one coming out nxt month so am waiting for that !:smile:
  6. Wait nevermind, just noticed you mean the brand of the cam. I have a Panasonic digital cam in light metallic pink. Looove it~
  7. opps posted twice ! no a pink camera !!! wots ur one ? Ireland must be behind the states !!!!!:smile:
  8. Sorry kou we are not in sinc !!!!!!
  9. buy what you love! i am in a non monogamous relationship with hermès means H is always my love number one but there are so many homeless beautys out there that i would be a shame not taking care of them ;)
  10. You are right .....Its kinda like charity then?
  11. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao:

    You can send some charity my way hahaha! :lol:
  12. :lol: you know how they say cheaters never prosper, well in my case it's cheaters never save up enough to buy a Kelly!!!

    I'm trying to be good again! :angel:

    (But that Chanel Cerf is such a temptress!!!!) :shame:

  13. Have you seen the gauffre hobo? I am also contemplating cheating and getting the gauffre tote or hobo :angel: . go for it!! :graucho:
  14. can't go wrong with that Cerf Tote! I'd do it!
  15. I just thought when i Go to new york with my girls it would be a fab bag ti put all theirs and mine into ?:smile: