Is it wrong to ask for information/pic after the auction has ended?

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  1. Was just wondering if I am allowed to ask for information and additional picture from the seller after winning an auction?


    1. The seller has very good and up-to-date feedback.
    2. The listing has very few detailed pictures of the item.
    3. The seller never responded to emails for more pictures before the listing ended.
    4. I bidded anyway based on the feedback ratings and i won.
    5. I am planning to make payment of course but would feel great if i could get a detailed picture (authenticity purposed) of the item i had requested for prior to the end of the auction.
    6. I emailed immediately after the auction ended for the additional information and the reply only came 3 days later.


    As it involved nearly $2k, my instincts tell me that i should request for the picture before making payment. Am I wrong to ask for the picture after the auction has ended? :shrugs:
  2. I would say yes!
    There is nothing wrong to make sure that you will get what you'd pay for! If the seller still doesn't want to answer your questions, it doens't sound right. When a seller sells authentic products, he or she would be proud and would not hesitate to prove authenticity. Otherwise, you should "walk away" from your purchase. I have encountered a few bad sellers who claimed their items to be authentic and they weren't! And those sellers have great feedbacks! So good feedbacks don't always mean "authentic".
    Once you paid, it is not always easy to get your money back, this without talking about all the headache and sleepless for any bad transaction. Keep insisting and if you do not receive any answer, tell her or him that you want to cancel the transaction. It's your right.
    Good luck...
  3. When thousands of dollars are involved, I would expect a seller to be a little more attentive to prospective buyers....

    I'd be a little wary of that... but yes, I think it's totally fine to ask for pictures after the auction, especially if she never got back to you BEFORE the auction ended.
  4. Thank you ladies.. i was starting to feel like i am doing something wrong by asking for the pics/info after the auction has ended. :confused1: The last thing i would want is for the seller to misunderstand my intentions as fooling around with her auctions. But i also know that when the money is given out, it takes forever to get it back (if that is even possible).. I shall stick with my instincts! I wish she just replies me quickly instead of 1 email in 3 days! :sad:
  5. you should always find out information before you purchase an item. ask all questions and ask for the pictures. however, buying on eBay may not always be as safe as many people pull the switcheroo and you end up getting an item thats not the item which was represented in the listing. its ok for you to ask afterwards...but given that youve already won the auction (it you did) it isnt nescessary for the seller to have more pictures for you. once the auction is won you cant say you dont want the item anymore due to buyers remourse.
  6. Absolutely yes! Confirming that an item is authentic in yor mind before sending your payment would save both the seller and you a lot of trouble later, although it is much preferred that you ask all questions before bidding. Do not feel uncomfortable asking for more pictures, because you do not want to go through the emotional rollercoaster of regret, anger, and despair afterwards when you frantically try to get your money back for a fake item. It is your hard earned money that is involved, and nobody but you can protect yourself from fraud.
  7. If the seller had not sent me additional pictures or information I would not have bid on the item, but as you have bid and its for this amount of money would not pay unless information was forth coming. You do not want to get into trying to get your money back if it turns out to be a fake
  8. I might be in the minority here but I believe you should ask for all pictures and information before you buy the item. If you have any doubts about the items authenticity or if the seller has not responded to your requests, you should not purchase the item.

    When you buy an item on ebay, it is a contract and you are agreeing to purchase the item :smile:
  9. Based on the above mentioned points, i personally wouldn't have bid in the first instance. Zero/delayed reply, no bid.

    I just wouldn't want to spend my money with someone who takes days to get back to me.:s

    If i knew someone had bought a $2000 bag from me, i'd be checking emails at least twice a day. Morning and evening. At least!!

    The buyer wants to be reassured and deserves to be kept informed and know as much as possible before parting with lots of $.:yes:

    As the seller wasn't very accomodating before the sale, i wouldn't be too confident they would be after the sale, either.

    So if you do ask for more information and pictures, explain that you felt you didn't get enough information beforehand, which is the reason why you're asking now and that you are sorry to inconvenience them.

    I personally think you have a 'right' to receive more pictures, simply because this seller wasn't very helpful beforehand.

    Of course, they may already have the item packed up ready to send, in which case it will be a no-no.

    Many sellers get 'twitchy' about buyers asking questions after the sale.

    But it wouldn't hurt to ask eh?:heart:
    Good luck!!:smile:
  10. The time to ask for more info and photos was before you bid, in my opinion. If you asked and then asked again and got no response, it probably would have been wise not to bid. Once the auction is over, you've committed to buying the item on the seller's terms.
  11. My concern here (for you) is what do you hope for additional pictures to accomplish? Since you bought the bag with the information the seller provided, asking for more pictures seems beside the point. Are you willing to jeopardize your ebay name and feedback? Whether or not you receive pictures, you are committed to buying the bag. I do feel for you and I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but to me at this point (and please correct me if I'm wrong) you either pay, receive, authenticate if needed and hopefully wind up happy, or don't pay and prepare to go down that road-I would ask myself what is really bothering me the most about this whole thing, and then address whatever that is-good luck!

  12. I agree..
  13. I don't see a problem with asking the seller to post/email more pictures. If the seller is promoting an item as "authentic", then the onus is on the seller to respond to ALL queries relating to authenticity. If the seller was too complacent to provide a response before the auction ended, and buyers lacked information prior to purchase (purchasing on good faith and human fear of missing out), then the buyer has the right to demand more deatils prior to exchange of money. The seller should have no qualms about authenticating the item, if it is indeed genuine. Happie_berrie is not suffereing buyer's remorse; she just wants reassurance that her hard-earned dollars are buying what she has been told she is buying. Would you not like a car dealer to contact you about known problems with a vehicle even after it has been sold to you, so you have recourse?We are not talking about a couple of dollars here ladies!!
  14. Agreed. :yes:
  15. P.S. You can still ask for pictures of course but you already committed to purchase it and should go through. If you weren't sure in the first place, don't bid.