Is it wrong to ask for a reference after 2 days?

  1. I'm doing work experience with this VERY prestigous company (becuase i bummped into one of the people in charge and asked for work experience) this company NEVER EVER give work experience to anyone unless they are in there final year of tertiay education (i would know i have been trying for the last 4 years!) The fact that i was acctually able to get it makes me over the moon! But the assistant only offered me 2 days (working in the office area as an assistant getting coffee, sweeping etc.) and if i do well they will offer me more. Now the thing is I'm only gaurenteed 2 days (and i dont think they will rush to do a whole set of paperwork to allow me to come in again, no matter how great i am btw i will still try very hard) A letter of refernce from this comanpy will almost gaurentee me a spot in uni/college (and looking at a scholarship) but is it rude to ask for one after 2 days, i mean they dont really know me but it was 2 days of work so i am still entitialed to it right?! part of the course means that the company must fill out an evaluation sheet and make a response (basically the response is an unoffical reference) so it really isn't like i'm asking for that much more. sorry for the long post!
  2. Oh! i forgot to mention that i sent some files over to the comanpy as well, so when i ask for them i can also ask for the reference but i dont know whether to do this on the 1st or 2nd day. I mean it is polite to tell them on the 1st day so they will be prepared, but on the sencond hand they will know me better by the second day and I can tell them i'm happy to come in on another day to pick it up so they are not presured to do it all by the end of the day?! what should i do I've never been in an office before!
  3. Honestly, I don't think anyone will give you a reference after 2 days....they just don't know you well enough, they may be a bit 'put off' if you ask so soon. Your best bet is to do I good job, so they ask you back and give you an opportunity to get know you better.
  4. I agree, they cannot possibly really comment on you after two days.

    It might be possible to ask them to give you a letter confirming that you did manage to secure two days experience with them, which you could add to your portfolio if the company is so prestigious
  5. Agreeing with the other posters that 2 days is indeed too short to really ask for a reference. I think it is better to leave a positive, lasting image with them so they will call you again in the future if they do require your assistance.
  6. I agree, I don't think you should ask them for a reference just after two days. Use the two days well, do your best and try to meet as many staff as possible. They have already said that they will extend your time if they feel that you deserve that so just do your best and hope they keep you on for longer.
  7. Agreed to all who posted. They don't have enough to go on as you've been there only 2 days.
  8. I agree with everyone else. Two days is really too short of a time period to be able to fairly evaluate you. Generally, you have to be a company for 6+ months to even be able to put in on your resume.
  9. Working as an assistant sweeping up and getting coffee is hardly going to earn you credit with college (I was a college prof for many years) nor scholarships no matter where you work. Try to find some work that directly relates to what you want to pursue in college. Before I went to college (to study medicine) I spent my weekends working as a nursing assistant for about a year which helped me with my references. I have been on many interview panels over the year and would not pay any attention to the kind of reference you are describing. I do wish you the best of luck.:heart:
  10. I agree. Regardless of the company, I don't think the specific tasks entrusted to you will impress a college or scholarship board. If I were you, I'd settle for a less prestigious company and do real work. Sweeping up coffee grounds is sweeping up coffee grounds no matter where you do it. Try getting some real tasks that engage your intellect and creativity: that will impress any given person far more. Best of luck to you!
  11. if i was the one who will be a reference for someone after just working with me for 2 days, i wouldn't do it.. not enough time and trust had been developed...
  12. Yeah, 2 days is not enough...
  13. the point of a reference is for someone that has had real experience with your abilities, commitment, and character to give a fair account of them. no one can get any sort of idea about you as a person in 2 days, and if the people there are as professional and serious as you make them out to be, there's no way they will give you a reference after a little sweeping and coffee-fetching, nor should they.
  14. I do agree with you all but i want some concrete evidence that i did take part in this work experience program (btw i have asked for references at other work expreince places which i only was with for 5 days and they were more than happy to.) this company has alot of power (i relaly underestimated it untill i found out) I have heard of several cases whereas people have been granted into college pursely becuase the fact that this company saw enough potential to have them for a week. One of them happens to be a friend of mine (who I hate to say but has very little talent and direction, and this college even broke their rules to allow her in i.e. before she had compleated school) not that i want to prematuerly enter college but i want as much help as possible to get me their.
  15. i agree with what everyone else has already said much more eloquently than i ever could....but it sounds to me like you've already made up your mind about what you're going to do...:shrugs: