Is it wrong for me to expect more form lv?

  1. I have had a few issues with LV in my dealings with them over the last 2 years, but after my latest i decided enough is enough. In a nutshell, my bobby was refused repairs on 'wear and tear' and i was treated poorly when inquiring (despite the price and its age, its not young but not old), lv lost my name and number when i ordered a product, later the sa palmed off oner product claiming it was mine ordered one (basically was lied to), I had heastamping issues and they refused to rectify the situation.

    I sent an angry email to them, and after a few replies that they would look into it. Today i had a call from the manger in which i talked to him about all my issues and he told me basically repeated the 'wear and tear' excuse since i didn't take the sa names down he cant follow them up, and can't prove it happened. I told him that i don't expect such poor service from LV hence why i don't see a need to take down the names to expect to be treated that way. So my issues were basically ignored, and he too was rude to me (not to mention the fact that I was repeatedly called by my 1st name in the emails and by phone, I think as a customer i deserve my last name title.) I told him i would take my business else wear and he didn't even care, he just apologized and hung up on me.

    It pi$$es me off cos i was more then willing to buy things again from the company but on this note i wont, i love the products but i hate the way i was treated including this phone call. I didn't inquire about all this to get anything at the end of the day, (in fact I don't even care for any of the VIP gifts they aren't my taste) but i think the bad service has extended right to the manger and i am sooo disappointed with LV. (and least Hermes will be happy to have me)

    I hope i will at least receive a thank you note in the mail.

  2. OMG!!!! How terrible!!!! Is it just at the one boutique that you have this problem? I am a new customer to LV and a few months ago I went in to buy my noisette cles; long story short the service was a disgrace! I emailed LV HQ and they replied the same day. I told them what went wrong and the manager of my boutique rang and apologised and sent me a little gift to say sorry. Now I have great service and was served by the manager yesterday.
    I cannot believe they are not following this up! Have you emailed LV HQ?
    Maybe you should try a new boutique, and see if there is any difference? I dont know about the wera and tear thing, but is suppose they think you should pay for the repairs?
    Sorry about all this, it sounds really bad! xx
  3. I am soo sorry about all of this... have you called or emailed LV directly? I hope this all works out. I will say that your requests are valid and if anyone is going to spend this much money on any item the customer service should be great and they should back their products!
  4. I initially e-mailed LV from their site (i assume that the main headquarters for the Asia pacific.) I was more than willing to pay for repairs, that wasn't the issues, the issues is that they REFUSE to repair it. There is a second boutique but its much smaller and more inconvenient to get to. I will deal through them in the future, but only if what i want it absolutely TO DIE FOR (and i need a break period to stand my ground for a fair while) Out of curiosity did the manger mention that they would send you that gift as compensation, I'm hoping that i will at least get an apology note, which is what i really wanted in the first place. Just some acknowledgment of their wrongdoings, I'll always be angry that my 5 Year old bag is irreparable but what can i do?
  5. Sorry to hear about this... :sad:

    May I ask what exactly is wrong with your Bobby?
  6. Sorry you have had this experience .. the next step could be to write a letter to the CEO:yes:
  7. the top layer i.e. glace is begging to peel off, atm its quite small, but it starts to bubble on the edges before becoming larger. The thing that makes me so PO is that i baby this bag to death the glace seems so delicate like vernis, and the bag virtually just sits against my body (or sometimes on my chair) I wanted to nip the problem at the bud/slow it, but lv said the only thing they could do is replace the panels al together (virtually creating a new bag) but since glace is discontinued there is no leather pieces that they have to do this. what furthermore aggravates me is my boss has a glace piece that is doing the identical thing, he paid more then double (his is luggage) and they tell him the same thing. Though he has connections and is going to speak to the CEO of LV Aust. i keep telling him there just going to give him a bookmark and send him on his way.
  8. well when the manager rang me, she just kept apologising, and that I should deal with her directly next time. Nothing about a gift, the next day i received a gift and a letter of apology.
    I can only think that the store has lots of problems with service/complaints and thats why they are not taking notice?! Im startled about the email not working! Maybe a letter will do the trick!
  9. If I were EVER treated that way by LV or any other business I would NEVER buy their products or use their services again! I'd raise hell and then stop buying or using their services all together.
    You are certainly not wrong in this case. I love LV's products...well, some of them. However, I would never take that type of treatment from them or anyone!
  10. :rolleyes:
  11. i think you're expecting them to perform miracles to something that, like they say, was due to normal wear and tear. besides, how old is the bag and were you the first owner? maybe your frustration has turned to rudeness and being that the manager is human as well couldn't help but be abrupt and direct with you. so yes, you were expecting too much. good luck with Hermes!
  12. I am sorry you're frustrated, but I agree with duck. It sounds like the issues you are dealing with are basically something that can not be feasable repaired, much like the member who is upset that the silkscreen on the groom can not be repaired. No one likes to be told, "there is nothing we can do", but sometimes that's the truth.
  13. hmmm.... I agree with Ducky and Twinkle... It also seems like to me that you're more interested in getting getting something back from LV... Thank you notes are usually for (potentially) very good customers; 'compensation gifts' and apology letters for serious errors made by LV.... perhaps you can post up some pictures to show us the condition of your bag? there are a lot of other knowledgeable people here who might be able to assess whether LV was truly "wrong" or not when they said "we can't repair your bag"??? :shrugs:
  14. I agree with most here...wear and tear on a discontinued is a bit tuff.....and honestly, I hear worse horror stories at Hermes....not to mention the years in wait for the bag plus needing to shop for other items to be on the good side of SAs....

    Good luck....hope things work out....
  15. Awww that sucks. I haven't had anything but good experiences with LV so I am sorry you have had such bad ones. :sad: