Is it worthwhile buying a wapity if I have a pochette?

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  1. I just bought a Roses Pochette and a Red Epi one on ebay.
    I plan to use the Roses Pochette on special occasions as an evening bag and the Red Epi one on an everyday basis when I want to carry a small bag. All my accessories are Mono accept the Red Pochette and I am drooling over the MV Wapity's. Do you think it's worthwhile to have a Pochette and the Wapity? I figured I could use the Wapity when I run to the store or doing errands. Is it worthwhile?
  2. I love mine, but ever since I got my iPhone, it won't fit! I am thinking about selling mine... :sad:

    It's a great little bag though!
  3. Sure! Its great to have to small items in your handbag. Plus your pochette is the roses so why not something plain for when you dont need a handbag.
  4. I have a wapity and don't ever use it....not worth it IMO!
  5. thanks...thats a bummer as i have an iphone too :sad:
  6. ???

    I have seen photos in the reference area where some of the members put their iPhone in the Wapity...??

    It's possible, no?
  7. If you have a lot of funds to spare (as in, a few hundred dollars here n there is nothing for u) then go for the wapity, its super cute
    If you don't have lots of extra cash to throw around I don't think it's really worth it
  8. Not worth it in my opinion, nothing fit comfortably.

  9. I have one and I love it. I can fit my iPone in mine but I actually use it as a camera case
  10. I use mine as a camera case, I can't see much other use for it really!
  11. I wouldn't buy one. You already have the roses pochette... and a pochette is much more comfortable to carry and versatile than a wapity.