Is it worth..

  1. getting a NEW ciao bag with an amazing placement at the back ( bad at the front.. ) or a USED one with an amazing back placement and quite decent front BUT with a pen mark inside.. ( like 2 inches long -.- )

    haha - i think some of you might know what im talking about xD but i'll shush about it anyway..

    but yeah - is it possible to get rid of ink/pen marks/stains?? i went through the cleaning threads and someone suggested a gel by sof sol or something like that >_< i already bought one but yeah.. just wondering if it actually works on ink/pen marks or stains..

    sigh.. oh the dilemma!!
  2. I would go for the used one as long as the price is right.
  3. I'd go for the one with better placement, since I always thought the ciao could be worn with either side in front.
  4. Get the bag with the pattern placement that you like better.
  5. used or new, i think it's all about the best placement!
  6. the one with better placement of course!!
    who cares about a silly penamrk inside the bag. no one but you will see it or know its there :]
  7. I use my Ciaos "backwards". I like the little pocket facing out, so I can stash my cellphone for easy access. :p I don't like how the "front" cuts up the print with the zipper all the way across. I actually look for my ideal placement on the back! lol!! :nuts: ... but don't go by me, I'm loopy! :upsidedown:
  8. This is where I become a stickler. I'd rather get a new one, even if the placement I want is in the back, than an "old" one with a good placement in front.

    There's just something about a new bag...:tender:
  9. I'd get the used one, since it'd be a better deal and you get good placement on both sides :yes:
  10. I like NEW bags myself, I've never purchased a used one. Not that I wouldn't, if it was MINT, but I've never been caught in one of those situations where you are trying to pick between a better used one vs an OK new one. It really would have to be MINT though....
  11. I've recently gotten some bags where I'm not 100% happy with the placement, and it always irks me... so I say go with the better placement!
  12. i'd go with the better placemnt and price, but if you want to wear it backwards then hey go for the new one, i wear mine backwards.
  13. I dont mind buying a gently used bag. Let's say it's a hard to find print that would cost $250 new and you get it for $100-something.. That's an awesome deal and who care it was worn a couple of times but still looks new...:yes:
  14. thanks guys!

    ohhh nono - i have bought used bags =) ( my "new" old olive camo ciao is VERY lovingly used XD)

    that's not my concern i guess - it's just the 2 inch pen mark inside the bag thats reallllyyy bugging me =( anyhow, i guess ive decided to just try get it.. and actually - it might go really high though >_> since it's a really sought after print..

    thanks for the advice :smile: I actually like "broken" in bags if theyre in great condition :biggrin: the leather is very very soft and it "follows" the fabric.. it's really neat :>

    i just bought the gel and i just noticed ( when they shipped it ) that it's being ship from a mall extremely close to me.. ahh.. i kill myself sometimes xD ah well Dx
  15. I do that too with my ciao!! It's just so much easier to put my cell in that little pocket which fits so perfectly :biggrin: