Is it worth trying to ebay a MJ bag?

  1. I have a MJ bag that I love but haven't been using. I am thinking of ebaying it but I'm not sure its worth it. How does MJ do on ebay? Should I expect 50% of retail?

    Any advice would be great thanks.

    (I would sell here but I haven't been granted access...not sure why not...maybe I should apply again)
  2. Oh... I'd say yes!!
    What bag?
  3. ... the only reason I'm asking is because MJ's can go for $1300 down to $250 depending on style/use/color etc.
  4. It depends on what kind of bag it is and how old. Classic styles seem to fetch about 50% off if they are in good condition. The newer stuff doesn't seem to sell well because of the abundance of fakes.

    I say start the auction off @ about $250 and see how it goes.
  5. Well I am not decide if I def want to sell but its a red satchel in true red (the one that looks like the Adina and came out Fall 2005 IIRC).

    selling it at $250 would kill me :crybaby: it may be best just to keep it. it is a great red and nice bag....
  6. ack, so MJ bag's resale value is pretty low, then? Ugh... this is killing me... just when I *almost* decide that I want to get an MJ bag....

    BTW how do you think is the resale value of the Quilted Venetia bags?
  7. Generally, used bags (unless they are highly coveted collectibles, such as Hermes Kelly bags or current hot styles) resale at 50% or less. That goes for just about anything.
  8. i was wondering about this too, ive never sold anything online, and i have one mj bag that i still have yet to use, i could return it back to the store, but i see all these new bags being sold on ebay and think why not? but i know nothing about the resale value etc.
  9. in general I would say its the fakes that killed the resale market especially since the fakes have gotten so much better.

    you can always use the search feature on Ebay and check the completed listings to see if it's worth your time to sell. I would hate to think I spent $700 on a bag and the most I could get would be $300 on a brand new bag.
  10. Keep it. Seriously, there are very few bags that fetch a good price on ebay....maybe a Stam or a Balenciaga. Not worth the hassle of dealing with Ebay, imo.