Is it worth to repair?

  1. Hi Ladies, I would love to ask your advice...Viewing all your lovely LV collections inspired me to search out my first ever designer bag--a speedy 25--given to me almost 20 years ago! Unfortunately it needs a thorough repair/cleaning (loose zipper, v. dark patina on handles, ink stain on canvas…)

    I considered having the handles replaced but then it would no longer be original, and I might as well replace it with a new one...Also, for everyday use a larger speedy would really be more practical for me. To restore or to replace :unsure: What do you think? The bag does hold some sentimental value for me.
  2. I would keep the bag but buy and use a new one.
  3. I have a friend who carries a vintage speedy 30 given to her by her mom which I also think is about 20 years old... it's battered up, darkened, and a bit of discoloration on the zippers... but it is THE most precious thing that I have ever seen. I think that's the lovely thing about these classic styles. They only get better with age.

    Why don't you hold on to it and look for another bag for everyday use? I'm planning on using my speedy until my future daughter (if I ever have one!) is old enough to carry one too. Like a little family heirloom. ;)
  4. Keep your current one as a "beater bag" and get a new one. I think that handle replacement costs around $200, plus the cost of cleaning, so a new one would only be about $350 more, plus you'd still have the old bag!
  5. I agree.
    And since you also have a strong sentimental attachment to the original bag, you should definitely keep it.
  6. I'd keep it and just get the handles replaced.
  7. I would definatly keep it and maybe try to get a new one to wear for everyday. The older your bag gets the more special I think it gets.
  8. For some reason I always love seeing women carrying their "vintage" LVs.You know that is LOVE right there.It's like walking arm-in-arm with your Grandma.She may be wrinkly and weathered but she's always been there for you.:biggrin:
  9. Keep it for everyday use. You may want to look into getting the zipper fixed. What about trying to clean the handles a bit and the ink stain? Use Apple Guard Leather Cleaner (not the conditioner as it is too gentle) on the handles and it may take take some of the grime off. I've heard that milk (yes, the dairy kind!) can take ink off but I wouldn't use it on the inside of the bag as it may smell. Anyone ever use milk on ink out there?
  10. Thanks so much for all your replies. Following all your advice I definately want to keep the bag & even use it if possible. I took it to the Vuitton boutique yesterday to see what could be done and unfortunately it was a bit disappointing... Just to have the zipper re-sewn will take 6 to 8 weeks- but the zipper itself is broken, and they said it was not possible to replace it due to the dry canvas & previous stitches?

    Frankly, I was a bit surprised as my mother has had repairs like this done without problems I believe...I might take it to LV when I’m in Paris instead...or try have the zipper repaired elsewhere locally, if possible :sad:

    Thanks also for the tips on cleaning! I did try the apple cleaner and judging by the cloth it definitely took some dirt off but I don’t really see a noticeable difference on the handles yet...I took a photo of the bag to have before/after pics if I’m able to restore it :amuse:


    Oh, and while at the Vuitton boutique I couldn’t resist to buy a little vernis agenda :love: My first LV accessory (this forum is such a bad, bad influence LOL)
  11. Oh I love your little old speedy, so cute!! Def try taking it to another LV to ask about the zipper, maybe they can redo the canvas too.
  12. Keep it. Take it to an LV store and if they could restore the bag.
  13. Great analogy! I love my grandma, Talbots and all!:love:
  14. if it has sentimental value, I say DEFINITELY keep it and buy a new one... maybe you can change it up and buy a different size or buy a Damier or an Epi Speedy...