Is it worth to get this?

  1. nice
  2. if you need it why not!
  3. Ha ha... actually i don't really need it...just feel like buying it....:graucho: I have emailed them as my rating in e-bay stand at zero.

    But it does look useful for coordinating my small items in my Neverfull bag.:wlae:
  4. It's in pretty good condition for that price.
  5. If you want it, you should get it.
  6. go for it!
  7. I say get it!
  8. its really cute, go for it.
  9. looks good i cant see any tear or scratch. i would get it if i were you honey.

    happy shopping!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  10. Thanks everyone!! I have bidded for it..... hee hee:graucho:
  11. Yaaaayy! Hope you get it! It's a great piece at a great price!!!
  12. Agree, nice & such a low price, hope you'll win it :smile:
  13. I agree...I think it's at a pretty decent price. Good luck!