Is it worth the hassle?

  1. girls, just need a tiny bit of advice..

    i got my azur pochette first week of march, and used it last weekend. i noticed that one side of the bag got 'waves' from i think very tight stitching. it is really noticeable (asked my DH to check, but being a guy he just shrugged it off). sorry i got no pictures at the moment, but i am quite sure you kwim with the waves thingy.

    you think i should just shrugged it off just like my DH, or should i go back to the shop and let them have a look. is it worth the hassle?

    thanks guys..
  2. If it bugs you then it's worth the hassle.
  3. Is it cold where you are? Put it someplace warm and see if it relaxes...if it doesn't and still bothers you, take it in.
  4. If you're not happy with it, you should bring it in to LV and see if they can exchange it. If it bothers you and you don't fix it while you can, you may regret it later!
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. That would deffinitely bother me, i would take it back and have them check it out, good luck !
  7. You have to love your bag- take it back ASAP!
  8. ^:yes: it would totally bother me also! I would just ask to exchange instead of asking them what they think because they might just tell you its natural as theyre all hand made, ect.
  9. thanks guys! just really needed to hear from you (you- meaning people who understands me) DH thinks i'm looking for perfection :s i'll try to drop by the shop later and will let you guys know. thanks again :heart:
  10. I agree, if it bothers you then you should take it back!

    Good Luck!
  11. if it bothers you then return it and get the better one
  12. it would bother me so i would take it back. good luck!
  13. Go exchange would bother me to no end
  14. I believe you pretty not comfy with that pouchette. Just return it or you can't enjoy your new pouchette if that wave bothering you ;)
  15. If it bothers you, get another one. You need to 'love' your purchase!