Is it worth the hassle to sell on Ebay?

  1. I need some advice. I am buying WAY too many bags but I am finding them on great sales so I can't pass them up! Coach, Kooba, Landry, etc.

    Some that I've bought, I really can't use and rather than just return them I was thinking about selling them on eBay? I've bought but never sold on eBay. I've read some of the posts here about nightmare transactions (and people!) and wondered if someone could give me their opinion?

    Is it worth the hassle to make a little bit of money selling what I don't want or need anymore or should I save myself the headaches and just return what I've bought for a refund?

    Thanks for any answers!

  2. The way sales have been moving, I would say it's a hard compete against a straight return.
  3. If return is still an option, definitely a return would be easier especially if you are new to selling bags on eBay. Maybe build up an Ebay profile so you have the chance to get used to the community/process?
  4. I make a living selling on ebay.
    I have had a few difficult people but nothing that would keep me from working from home. You just have to learn the rules and follow them. I definately have way more positive experiences than negative, the negative just stand out more.

    My sales have been good, I have been able to keep my PS status without any problem, and this week I have sold more items than I have sold at in a while. But I sell mens clothes as well as purses, and I just listed new purses this week so we will see how they do.

    Also, if you start selling and plan to continue to do so, use the account with the most feedback to sell from and then open another account for buying. This way if you have a bad transaction buying you don't have to worry about your seller rating.

    Good luck
  5. I personally only sell used things that I no longer use and it works for me to clear my closets. I've only had a few problem buyers. If the item is still returnable, I'd do that rather than trying to sell it... there's a lot of fees to factor in (eBay, Paypal, etc...) and you may not break even unless it was a really good deal.
  6. Return the item if you have the option. Selling (can) be a hassle.
  7. Yeah return if you can... selling, especially if you've never sold before, will have the potential to drive you insane, especially if you're selling a high end bag. I would never, ever recommend selling a high end bag as a first ever item on ebay.
  8. Thanks for the advice ladies!