Is it worth the extra $

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  1. I finally found a ' well sought after' chanel purse in the preloved community sold 'as new with everything like straight from a boutique. Authenticity is not a question. It is a black mini rectangular in caviar GHW. Price tag is $500 more than the retail with tax.
    Share me your insights, should I shed the extra $ knowing I may never find this piece again.
  2. Is there any way to get on a waiting list where you are at? If so, how long is said waiting list? How many times have you tried to buy it at different boutiques first? These are the questions that need to be asked before buying at an inflated price. To be honest, I wouldn't do it unless I absolutely exhausted all of my options
  3. Something to think about, thanks.
    It is from 14C season and I know how they have been popular. My SA too has no luck in finding me one and she has pretty much confirmed that its hard to get by
  4. Black caviar mini's (square or rectangle) have not been available for quite some time, worldwide!!! Arguably the most difficult to find combo, even in the pre-loved market. Worth is in the eye of the beholder. It also depends on what series, what type of caviar (rigid, soft, iridescent, washed) and what season (some seasons had better caviar than others). I just found my holy grail (black square mini + SHW) and spent over a year looking for it in new condition. Finally found it and did not hesitate to purchase at current retail price! Good luck!
  5. Agreed! If I really wanted the bag and it is hard to come by, I would be willing to pay extra.