is it worth selling your bbag on ebay?

  1. if i sell my bbag (white work) on ebay do you think it'll actually sell??? any tips on how to list it?

  2. I think you can probably get a higher price there than here, if you have good ebay feedback, but you'll have to pay substantial seller's fees there if it sells (about $50) and there's always the issue of potential scammers on ebay. Still, you'll reach a lot more people. Take plenty of photos. And maybe think about cancelling bids if anyone doesn't already have a track record.
  3. I know it would sell, but I dont think you would get as much as you would probably like. On top of the hassle of non paying bidders you have so many fees to deal with. I have sworn off of e-bay meself.
  4. You are probably going to take a little loss- especially due to the ebay fees and paypal fees on a high priced item. I would put it up if I weren't using it- and it's summer time now so a white bag is good to list now.
  5. it's in good you think i can make more than 1100?
  6. That depends on the right buyer at the right time.

    I sold 2 b-bags on Ebay, one for bin and one for my low starting price at auction end. Both bags were still a "good deal" for the buyers; I didn't use the bags and I wanted the money to put towards other bags more than I wanted those 2 sitting around.

    If you are willing to go below retail you will sell it with probably no issue. I don't think the fees are that big of a deal - You can always limit the photos you add to the auction and tell potential bidders to message you for additional photos.

    I usually post 6 photos - another way to save money is not to have a bin or a reserve, just set the starting price at the lowest you are willing to sell it for and then wait it out.

    If someone wants you to end your auction for a bin they will ask you and then you can negotiate the final price.

    Good luck :biggrin:
  7. I am not sure...I would say you will sell for sure if you set the open bid at $899 or might climb up to $1000 or more... If you set the open bid for more than $1000, you may or may not sell it... Depends on your desire to sell...

    Opinion is just based on my experience selling b-bags on ebay... I have sold every bag listed when I start with a "moderate" need to want to sell, not "make" money... I have made money on 2-3 bags, but they were colors that were no longer available or they were bags that I purchased in Europe and could therefore list at slightly less than US retail. White will most likely sell for $200-300 below retail as someone could also buy it new...
  8. I have sold several b bags on ebay. All were magenta and two of the three sold for substantially more than retail. But - all were brand new, never used. Also, the color is sold out so it's really supply and demand. Like SoCal said, white is currently available and since your bag has been used, I would be surprised it it sold close retail. I think you'll have more luck selling it if it was priced in the 800-900 range.

    With that said, it is ebay so you never know. G/L selling it!