Is it worth of the money? country coco

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    I asked because I actually like it. But I heard it's over $5000!

    anyone seen it in person? What is it made of? Is it worth the money? TIA

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  2. Not in person but close up photos. It looks very well made but I wouldn't buy this kind if bag from Chanel ever. Not worth it in my opinion. Go find similar one with no brand for a lot less
  3. thanks for your reply! Can I ask where you saw the close-up photos? the only pic I saw of this bag is the one I posted above. thanks!
  4. I saw this bag in person at the NM Trunk Show. Very sturdy, kinda heavy and definately more substantial than I thought from the pics. Seems like it would be light and flimsy, but it is not and the CC is really chunky/heavy. Overall :tdown: By the way, I did not open the bag to look at the interior. When I saw the price, I promptly put it back on the shelf and kept it movin...Not worth it to me but then again... I'm definately Blingy CoCo, not Country CoCo ;)
  5. i havent seen it.. but it doesnt look worth the money.. id get a hermes instead.
  6. I think if you like the country look... maybe the flap with the camellia is a better choice.
  7. this bag does not suit my fancy at all.
  8. Yes, Coconess, I agree.... $5K for straw... even if it's Chanel straw... just doesn't register with me either :nogood: HTH colorwind... but YOU be the judge hun.
  9. for straw? never!

    for $5K I'll get a Nancy Gonzalez exotic
  10. I saw it IRL at the trunk show. I actually like the look of these bags (there are a couple different ones), but agree that the price tag does not justify the bag. I would buy 2 classics instead.
  11. At which store did you see it? I guess I'll have to check it out myself. thanks
  12. Israeli_Flava, thanks for the info. Straws???? $5K! I thought it's some kind of exotic material.
  13. Five thousand for a stunning necklace that is embellished with that cool CC which now resides on that straw purse but not WITH that straw purse..
  14. That made me laugh! (in a good way of course!) :biggrin:
  15. NO Way!! Not my style...