Is it worth it?


Jun 10, 2012
I didn't see a picture of the nail polish spill/stain. You may want to ask the seller for one so you can see how noticeable it is (what color it deep inside the pocket or at the top).

Good luck


Mar 27, 2006
Not where I'd like to be

Love this bag but nail polish spilled in the inside pocket. Should I ask the seller to lower the price? How do you remove nail polish? The bag overall is in ok condition. Dont know what to do.
The seller's low feedback score concerns me more than the nail polish. And the seller didn't post enough pictures to have this bag authenticated. I would ask for more pictures that are needed for authentication and ask that those pics are clear and sharp, none of that fuzzy, out of focus nonsense the seller has currently posted. If the bag is authentic then you have to decide if you can live with its current condition as I don't know of any remedy that will get dried on nail polish out without also damaging the canvas and lining of the bag. And since the seller is open to offers as suggested by the OBO which means Or Best Offer you are free to submit what you are willing to pay.

But here is what I would do: I would wait and save up a bit more to find a Delightful in much better condition. They are available all the time on ebay, Bonanza, and a plethora of other online consignment stores and re-sellers.