is it worth it

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  1. so i fell in love w david yurman ss and diamond necklaces so many gorgeous ones! but one i like in partuclar is $695- has .70 ctw of diamonds. even w almsot a ct of diamonds im wondering how much is it worth when it is only ss? i mean how much would u pay for a diamond piece in ss? it will likely tarnish eventually...
  2. hmm I dont know, if you love it get it. but if i have the choice I always invest in gold or platinum if I can, especially if its a piece i want to wear everyday
  3. IMO, you are mostly paying for the name when it is set in SS. But with the price of gold right now, a lot of things are being made in SS or 10K gold instead of 18K. But if you love the style, then it is likely that nothing else will do. Even with finer materials, nothing else will look the same. Only you can decide if it is worth the price in that case.
  4. In my experience, it would not be worth it. 1) There are plenty of SS lines that do the diamond/ss combo and not nearly the cost of a Yurman piece. 2) Yurman does not use top quality diamonds. 3) Considering the cost of diamonds, I would never be satisfied with them set in SS, only in gold/plat. 4) Re-sell value of Yurman pieces's are not that great.
  5. thanks everyone!
    i decided that almost $700 usd is too high for SS
    im going to look for one the pieces in the 300-400 range which are v pretty and have diamonds/gem stones
  6. I only have 2 DY pieces and neither have diamonds in them. What I can tell you is that I wear my cable bracelet nearly everday for almost 3 years and it has never needed polishing!

    I got some gold/spiral earrings last year and they are also tarnish free. I don't keep them in a tarnish -resistant box or anything either.