Is it worth it?

Hey gals, I really really love this Louie Vuitton, for 25,550 do you think its worth it? I had a chance to purchase it at the LV Boutique in Beverly Hills but passed on it because I didnt like the "eye love you" line at all, now I regret it. What do you think? The purse is from the seller ohh-la-louis. :nuts: :biggrin: :wacko:


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i say no. but i was never an eye fan to begin with.

if you have the extra money and really like it, go for it...but i personally could never justify a nearly :blink: 30Gs!! :blink: purse...not even if i was a celeb i don't think! :smile: i would just keep thinking of all the other things that could have bought me.
I don't think it's worth it. But if I had the extra cash and it was my #1 lusted-after item, then I'd buy it.

If you like the shape of it, you can always opt for the Suhali L'Extravagant, which is less than half that price :smile: