Is it worth it to return/sell my Paddy and buy a Chanel?

  1. For years, I have been lusting for the multi-pocket reporter in beige/black and now it's on sale! Would I be crazy to give up my beloved chocolate Paddington for the reporter? Is the beige hard to keep clean? I can usually make a decision easily but right now I'm in a quandry. I'm not sure the Chanel leather is as durable as Paddington leather.
  2. YES! Chloe= trendy, Chanel= classic
  3. is there another bag you could sell? It sounds like you really love your Paddy.
    Do you have to sell it to buy the Chanel?
    Are you talking about the Cambon? If so the leather is very easy to maintain.
  4. Yup, the cambon.

    I have sold pretty much everything to pare down my collection to only bags I love. However, I have two chocolate Paddingtons - the satchel and the bowler style. So although I love them both dearly, I don't really NEED both. And I'm sure once it is gone and the Chanel is on my arm I won't feel the seller's remorse I'm feeling now.
  5. Oooohhh.....since you have 2 chocos....I would sell the one you're the least in love with and get the chanel!! :yes: Word of warning--chanel is highly addictive!!:graucho:
  6. ^can't argue w/ that! I'm already thinking of my next purchase!
  7. Ooooooo swanky!! what's the next bag gonna be???
  8. I agree with PGN. Since you have two choco paddys, I vote for selling the one you use least, and getting the Chanel reporter. It sounds like you've been wanting the bag for a long time - AND it's on sale, you can't beat that! :smile:
  9. I need something in white or red!
    Maybe I'll settle for a wallet since that Luxe Flap was so pricey!
  10. totally agree!!!
  11. I did it! I have the beige reporter bag on the way later this week. I practically hyperventillated making the phone sale. I just hope I love it as much as in photos.

    I am so glad NM has a good return policy and my bowler can go back as it cost more than the satchel and would really help defray the Chanel purchase.

    Thanks for helping (enabling!) me!!
  12. Roey,

    Congrats... post some pics when it comes in
  13. Yes, congratulations!
  14. I agree :yes:
  15. I personally LOVE the reporter and would go for it.