Is it worth it to own a White Caviar Clutch?

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  1. Why???
  2. Why not? Sometimes black is too heavy for spring and summer. White is light and breezy....
  3. I have a white timeless clutch. I love this bag and chose it in white because there are so many beautiful black clutches while there are few beautiful white ones. And a white clutch is necessary for weddings or summer celebrations
  4. How about for a party? Is it ok to use this caviar clutch? When can you only use it?
  5. I love the White Caviar Clutch! It's gorgeous.
  6. I have a black one and love it so much that I'd LOVE a white one. The only reason I dont get one in white is because I bought the white east/west to serve that purpose. If I didnt have a red east west as well, I'd consider a red clutch. Just like a little black bag, you always need a little white bag. And as far as "when can you use it?" clutches are so in right now that you can use it dressed up or down in jeans. (just not sweats).
  7. lol, same here...i have the red and white caviar e/w flap as well, otherwise i'd love to buy the clutch in all three colors. i just recently bought the blk clutch and i know i will love it for along time.
  8. I think it is such a gorgeous bag, but I think that black is more versatile and goes with more outfits, esp. those worn at night. It can also be carried year-round. You should just buy both black and white!!! :biggrin:
  9. So nice with jeans and heels! I would love to own a white one please!
  10. Great idea - buy both and make us envy u !!! LOL.:tup:
    I have a white caviar on the way - can't wait until it arrives!!
  11. Not only is the white caviar timeless clutch gorgeous and classic, but the caviar leather also makes it very durable! Go for it!!!!!!! :nuts:
  12. The clutch is so scrumptious in any color. But I think I would use a black one much more than the white. Too bad I can't find one at any of my stores.
  13. Haha! You guys are not only tempting me to buy the white one but to buy both the black and the white! LOL!!! How big is it by the way? Can you put a lot of stuffs in it too? Such as wallet, phones, keys, etc??
  14. Love the white!
    i was in search of the black last year but ended uop with the grey and love it!
    It holds a lot for a clutch and I have used during day , lunch with my friends as well as going out at night.
    White is so hot and I would use all year.(ESP. IN THE SOUTHERN STATES)
  15. good point. Summer weddings, parties etc. I wear black shoes almost all the time and would get more use out of a black clutch but having the option would be nice.