is it worth it to go to saks nyc today

  1. to see what they have? there are a few pairs of cls i want to try on but not sure if they have a lot of stock after the big event this week. anyone know?
  2. Maybe give them a call? I read in the other thread that there was barely any CLs left by the end of the event.
  3. theres new things coming in all the time so if you have time I would say go for it. you never know what you'll find. you just might get lucky & find some really good stuff =)
  4. I think if you end up going into the city and you find nothing at Saks, its ok because luckily theres Berdorf, Jeffereys and CL boutiques a plenty! (well, you know what I mean!) So go have fun in the city!
  5. I say go. They probably stocked up the next day anyways. After I left on Thursday there was nothing left, but im sure they did not keep it that way, no way can they keep it like that. Its worth a try. I agree with boslvuton, you in the city so you can go to any store to try CL's on.
  6. oh i live in manhattan so it's no biggie for me to go there. i went to bg on friday night and there was nothing i wanted. anyway since it's now snowy and windy i think i'll pass for today. thanks though.
  7. Its really windy here, so its probably even more windy in the city.
    There is always tom. :yes:
  8. yes there is! omg it's horrible out now. well, it was about 15 min ago. i was having lunch with my stepfather and as we were leaving it looked like a blizzard. the snow was coming down fully sideways!
  9. Same here!!! I cant wait for spring!!!
  10. One of the posts leadingup to CL's visit said Saks was supposed to get a big shipment Monday night, but it had not arrived. My guess is it arrivredv Tue or Wed and has been put out bynow.
  11. i am so tempted to go but i should clean instead. i want bright happy colored shoes right now so i can look at them and think of warm weather coming! lol. i've been on pretty much every site i can find trying to find a nice blue shoe! lol