is it worth it to get an LV agenda if you can get say a coach one for way cheaper?

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  1. is it worth it to get an LV agenda if you can get say a coach one for way cheaper?

    I love agendas... but i'm wondering... if it's worth it to even get an LV agenda?

    Plus... do you think LV agendas are kinda flashy and show-offish?

    Is it better to stick w/ a cheaper but good quality leather agenda? And coach ones are pretty good quality and a lot cheaper, and comes in different sizes.

    what do you think?

    are LV agendas.. NOT worth it since its so expensive
  2. I think you should just get the one you truly like the most instead of looking at the cost.

    I'll admit's hard to do, cos I often get tempted by the price tag more. However, when you're talking about 'designer/brand name' products, NOTHING is really 'worth' it. Even though the Coach is a lot cheaper, the price they charge for the agenda is still a huge markup than what it's really worth. In the end, you are paying for the name more than anything else.

    The LV agendas come in all you can get epi leather or damier if you don't like monograms.
  3. Oh yes, definitely get the one you want, remember you only buy it once!
  4. For the price of the LV agenda, make sure you love it. Personally, it's not worth it to me. I know I can find something that's more 'me' for a whole lot less. I have a favorite when it comes to planners, and nothing else will do.
  5. get what you can afford and you'll enjoy most.
    I had a mc pm agenda and loved it. I'd buy it again if I had too.
    I guess if you find a coach that you like better go for it,Just buy what you love not like.
  6. I think it depends on how long you intend to use it and what you truly love. If you really love the LV agenda, nothing else will do and it will bring you pleasure everytime you reference it.

    But if you instead like to indulge in a new agenda every year or every few years to go with a new bag or because your tastes change, it might be more economical to go with a less expensive brand.

    Coach makes very durable leather goods that last, so if you are ambivalent or if you like the Coach styles, they are well worth the investment.
  7. i don't think i could imagine spending a ton on an agenda.

    i would recommend going with whatever works for you the best and has the most convenient features:smile:
  8. I owned a LV agenda that I sold for 2 reasons. First, it was hard to find refills & second, I migrated to a PDA. How easy is it to get refills for the Coach? I would assume it is easier than the LV since, at least by me, there are many more places that sell Coach items. Might be worth checking on....
  9. I absolutely love my LV agenda. I've had it for years, still looks practically new. While I do buy the LV refills, you can also use filofax, which are very reasonable. I think my agenda, if you go by cost per use, is the cheapest item I've ever bought. I use it daily and really love it. I think it's worth it because they wear so beautifully. My sister has heard hers for 11 years and it still is beautiful.
  10. I :heart: my LV agenda. It's the framboise vernis (a real pretty pink). And, it takes Hello Kitty refills. It's so cute! And, the perfect size for me. I like that it's smaller than my other agenda. It does have less space and pockets but is more compact. The problem with my agenda is finding a pen that fits in the little pen holder...

    But, definately worth the money! :love:
  11. Hi I have lovely small, pale blue Filofax that I adore. You know, I do have an LV Mono French Purse, and I am surprised to say that I find myself self conscious when I take it out to pay for things. It seems to scream, "I spent a ton of money on this." I didn't know I would feel that way, but that's what happened.
    That said...I use my wallet about 25 times a day, and it gives me pleasure and it is well made. If you LOVE the LV Mono look, then by all means, save up and get the LV agenda. You will love it and use it for years. But if you are "eh" about it...then don't bother. I adore my Filofax because it is classy and subtle, exquisitely made, a great pedigree and gives me sensual pleasure when I use it.
  12. The most I spend on a planner is on Kate Spade inserts for my small black leather day-runner.
  13. I think you should buy the one you really love regardless of how much it costs if you truly use it a lot.
  14. I just bought a violet vernis LV agenda for $320, and to me, it's worth it. I work and have 3 kids' schedules to maintain and it's in my hands multiple times a day. I love it, and will use it for many years, so the cost will really be spread out. I can buy filofax refills for very cheap and so it's not a huge investment for me.
  15. You should get what you love! I had an LV agenda for about 2 years but the way it didn't lay flat wasn't practical for me while I was in school. It was cute that it matched my bag but still. I sold it and got one of those yearly planners from Barnes & Noble and never looked back.