Is it worth it to get a speedy bandouliere 30 in damier ebene ?

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  1. Is it worth it to get a speedy bandouliere 30 in damier ebene ?

    I've been reading about so many flaws on the bag with the hardware, etc.

    However, I love the whole speedy look with a strap and the strap makes it easy to carry.

    Is it worth it ?
  2. definitely! you will not regret this purchase. I bought myself the speedy b in damier ebene in the size 25 and love her so much because she is so carefree, don't have to worry about water stains and goes with all my outfits and isn't too heavy, fits a ton and is so practical with the crossbody strap. Out of all my bags (I have 21) she is the most practical for everyday use. GLD
  3. I also want to mention that I used her for travelling and have dropped her several times and haven't had ANY issues. For me it was totally worth it and I would buy her again in a heartbeat if I had to replace her
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  4. Definitely worth it!!
  5. I just got the speedy B 25 and I say yes!
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    There are multiple threads on this issue with a lot of feedback if you do a search :biggrin:
  7. I'm also thinking about purchasing a speedy b 25 in DE or monogram. I have a speedy 30 monogram, so DE would probably be the best choice. My concern is whether the strap is comfortable on the shoulder. I have a Totally PM and the straps are pretty stiff.
  8. IMO the DE strap is not comfortable to wear at all
  9. Love love love my speedy B 30!! It is one bag that I will never ever consider selling. I will say that the strap is a little stiff in a tank top, but it is more my winter/fall bag so it doesn't bother me. Such a pretty lady [emoji175]
  10. Yes! I kept passing it over and purchasing other bags but I finally bought it for my birthday last year and it's my most used bag. It's easy to carry and you don't have to worry about any vachetta. I love it!
  11. My speedy B 30 DE was my first LV gift from husband as well as my first new LV. Worth every cent.
  12. I love my speedy b in the DE print, it is one of my most used bags.
  13. Yes, absolutely! My favorite travel bag!
  14. I found the strap to be very uncomfortable as well. I also noticed the corners on my bag looked like the DE print was starting to wear off so I sold it. No regrets. I'd suggest a mono one and say skip the DE.
  15. The strap is uncomfortable if you fill up the bag. I was thinking of wrapping a sheepskin seat belt cover on it.
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