Is it worth it to carry a fake Coach?

  1. Some people here talk about seeing fake bags, I was wondering how much money would you be willing to get paid to carry a very obvious fake Coah bag for the whole day going shopping, going to work, dining, running errands, etc.? For me, I'd say enough money to fund for the new Carly bag! :nuts:
  2. eww.. Never. Ok maybe enough $$ to buy a Birkin.
  3. OY! Never.
  4. I'd do it for a LILY. I love that bag and can't afford it right now...
  5. I'd do it for free.. :nuts:
    But I'd have to wear a super fun crazy outfit, and like rat out my hair..
    maybe some tube socks..
    And I'd definately take lots of pictures rockin' my GOACH!

    (But maybe that's just because it's 3:45 in the morning.)
  6. Choo Choo!! Crazy train leaving the station! Now I know what I'm getting you for your next b'day! The Goach and the tube socks, especially! This will be fun :p Now go get some sleep girl. Hope there weren't any cat fights at work last night :rolleyes:
  7. LOL augh, well everyone has a price, I'd wear one if I could get cash for a new bag. ;)
  8. Yes, I have a price. It would have to be enough to buy maybe a jimmy choo mahala.....yummy!
  9. Maybe 20 grand. But that is just a maybe.
  10. I'd do it in a second in exchange for an Abbey bag! My obsession with that bag just will not die.
  11. hmmm... I would do it in exchage of a Lily as well. Anything less is a no deal. LOL
  12. mmmm Maybe enough to buy an Ali bag.. MAYBE.
    It has to be a good looking fake though (if there is such thing) not the ones with the effing G's.

  13. :yahoo: Anything less, no. Anything more, oh heck yeah! Like maybe enough to fund a couple years (my choice) wardrobe:nuts:!! Hey, BTW, is anyone offering this:graucho:? JK.
  14. lol yeah I'd have to say no to a Goach bag..
  15. i'd totally do it...for a new LV azur damier speedy 25, LV onatah leather gm in white, AND an LV riveting bag in black leather! and the black riveting is sold out!