Is it worth it to buy WORK ink?

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  1. Hi!! I am a new balenciaga addict!! I have City Truffe and Twiggy in black.

    Do you guys think....

    1. Work is too big?
    2. too manly?

    or is it better just to buy another city in greige or purple instead ow Work?

    Do you girls own work bag too along with City etc? Do you have pictures of work bag? Thanks girls
  2. my gf has work in ink and its amazing,
    the size is great (i just order a work in rouge vif)
    and the color ink can give you a classy look like a black while still having some colors. my gf is girly, dun worry, it doesnt look girly at all.

    let us know what you decide

    LMV =)
  3. Do you need a bigger bag? I think you should only go for a work if you need a bigger bag... Some people prefer the city the most and get several cities. If you aren't comfortable with big bags, then a work might be too big for you. I already feel like the city is a little too big for me.
  4. no no no :smile: i don't think the work is too big or too manly at all!!:yes:

    for me it's the perfect size, work in greige is the best!!! :yahoo:

    i'm attaching a pic of me carrying my work...hopw it helps :smile:

    ps. i'm a 5'5":love:

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  5. i do have a city, and beginning to think the size can't contain my everyday needs. so i'm getting a weekender.
    i don't think work is too big, and it sure is worth it.
    good luck :yes:
  6. I think it all depends on how big a bag you need and how you like to wear it. I had an Ink work, the color is just amazing but I really need to be able to have my hands free, so the city works the best for me. I really like the shoulderstrap. I will also try the day and see how that works.

    But I really don't think the work is manly at all!
  7. thanks guys.

    e_pinpin, you convinced me. I will buy that work ink soon. It doesn't look big on you and its so pretty....
  8. work and in ink is great. i have one and i love its not manly at all i dont think
  9. I think its worth it to buy and Ink ANYTHING! Its my fave color ever and getting harder to find.
  10. totally grab an INK work if you have the chance!!!
  11. Hi priscilla,

    I almost hate how good your bag looks on you, a great and gorges looking bag on a very beautiful looking girl.:heart:

    You and your bag are YUMMIE

    BYBY FX:graucho:
  12. I really love ink and i really love big bag on small girls.
    Weekender are the best I think or a XL courier

    Good Luck FX:yahoo:
  13. knnyes yes yes Ink work is so gorgeous!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    fxvanleeuwen I think you need one too;)
  14. I second Yayaflower in everything !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ^^ ditto, the work's a great size :tender:
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