Is it worth it to buy Chloe boots?

  1. i am absolutely L:love::love::love:VE these boots. :drool::drool::drool:

    Is it worth it to buy it at full price? Do the boots go on crazy sales?

    p.s. i'm sorry if this question gets asked alot. :flowers:
  2. I think it really depends how much you want/need them. :yes:

    Chloe boots generally seem to sell out quickly, so if you want to ensure you snag a pair - act now.

    Of course, if you're willing to wait (and run the risk of them selling out), then you could always wait for the sales...
  3. If you like them and want them, get them. People worry too much about sales. The likelihood of you getting a pair when sales roll around are slim. Then you'll be upset with yourself if you waited and they weren't there anymore. Get them while you can if you can afford them.
  4. i think it's worth it 'cause i have Chloe boots and i love mine^^
  5. They are so gorgeous! If you can do it, go for it! They are amazing!
  6. I agree that Chloe boots are so worth the money, and come sale time the chances of finding a pair on sale in your size would be very slim.

    I just worry with the mid length boot about how flattering they are going to be? I adore the ankle boot and the long boots, just not sure where this length would finish.

    Quality wise though, definitely worth every penny ;)
  7. Do they wear in well, like the bags.....and do they have leather soles?

    I'd love a pair too, but i am reluctant to spend that sort of £ for a pair of boots that are going to get dirty..:angel: :yes:

    Jeshika - I'd say if you really, really want a pair, and can afford them, then you just have to go for it:flowers:

  8. I want alot of things...

    but can't really afford them. and like you said, do i want to buy something that i stomp around it? and i really want the baby cabas.... *sighs* decisions... decisions... heehee.
  9. The leather wears in incredibly well. I had mine resoled at the end of the winter ready for this year, and I had literally worn them every day, so they are very hard wearing :yes:
  10. I bought my daughter a pair of black Chloe boots in July for her birthday, its her 3rd pair of Chloe boots. They are made well and last forever. She's just waiting for it to get a little cooler here so she can wear them!
  11. I feel your pain!! lol but they are lovely boots. If you have the cash and its between the Cabas and the boots, honestly, I'd choose the boots.
  12. Adopt me please!:P
  13. I'm in love with those boots beautiful! I'd say, get them if you can.
  14. So beautiful. :love:I could never wear 'em so buy them for me and enjoy:yes:. They can always be resoled and made to last and last for years, becoming something you get tons of use from, bringing the cost-per-wear wayyy down. In that case you can't afford NOT to buy 'em. :devil: just tryin' to help.....
  15. I LOVE these boots!! :love: I'm still thinking about buying them... but I've already spent so much this fall that I probably shouldn't... :shame: