is it worth it to buy brush cleaner?

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  1. I have some expensive brushes (Armani foundation brush) and some that didn't cost so much. I've been using MAC brush cleaner for years. Recently I tried a recipe I found online - Dawn dish liquid mixed with olive oil. It seems to clean fine.

    Is it worth spending money on the brush cleaner to preserve the life of my brushes?
    Not that it costs that much but if I have the Dawn and olive oil on-hand and it works.......
  2. I normally use baby shampoo but if that isn't available I have used hand soap that is next to the sink. I have some really expensive brushes and some I got for practically nothing. Personally I don't think an expensive brush cleaner is required, just use something that is gentle, in my opinion. Most of my brushes are years old and all are in good shape.
  3. I personally don't think it's worth it. As you mentioned, Dawn (or Palmolive) with a tiny bit of olive oil works wonders! I've used baby shampoo, Palmolive + olive oil, hand soap, long as you're careful with cleaning them I don't think you can go wrong. My personal favorite soap to wash my brushes with is Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap!
  4. If you're talking about actual washing, I would say no. I typically use a gentle shampoo when I wash mine every 1-2 weeks. I have MAC and Bare Escentuals brushes.

    If you're talking about a daily spray-on cleaner, I would say yes. I have used several of these and I have yet to find a homemade version that works as well.
  5. I'm also a baby shampoo user. If I use a lot of product, I use olive oil and then baby shampoo. I don't think it's worth it to buy actual brush cleaner.
  6. I bought a brush cleaner only to clean a brush that I'll be reusing with a different product. Usually, I just use dawn and olive oil to deep clean my brushes.
  7. Good ol' Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo works for me. I have a spray bottle of baby shampoo and water and use that as a spot cleaner between uses. Works wonders for my MAC and Chanel brushes. For deep cleaning it's baby shampoo and a drop of olive oil.
  8. I use either DHC cleansing oil or Dr. Bonners.
  9. Seems consensus is no need to buy this product. So I can spend my $10-15 on something else
  10. I just use dr bronner's. Whatever you do don't add oil to the cleanser of your choice. Over time, it can cause build up.
  11. hmm
    your advice about oil is contrary to what I found online and what some others are doing here.
    I mix Dawn and Olive and rise repeatedly with water until brushes are all clean and free of product.
  12. You find a lot of stuff online. Lol

    I was just offering a bit of advice I learned the hardway. Dr bronners or 99% alcohol works for ME
  13. interesting
    wouldn't alcohol be drying?
  14. It hasn't for me. And I use it for real techniques all the way up to hakuhodo, no drying.
  15. I use Philosophy Purity face soap. It seems to work fine.