Is it worth it to buy almost new reissue for $2700??

  1. I am in agony trying to figure this out.
    I found this metallic black 226 on eBay from tPFer for $2700.
    It's been only used 2-3 times according to seller.
    I was going to wait and see if I can get 2008 reissue 227 when it comes out.
    But now, I saw thread about new 2008 reissue 227 being $3459!!!
    That's just crazy price!!
    I really love that metallic black reissue. What should I do???
    Do I go for almost new reissue???
    I need your honest opinion, ladies.
    What whould you do?
    HELP ME!!!
  2. If I had to have it, I would probably think it was worth it.
  3. It really is up to you, I think the regular flaps are just as good, they also keep up in value and never goes on sale :yes:
  4. This might factor into your decision... the 227s should be released in the $2800-2900 range... it should be the 228 size that is going to be $3495.

    Ultimately though - what's "worth it" is a personal thing. Try and think about whether it's worth it to you using a variety of factors (ie. style, usage, longevity, love, etc.) - I wouldn't use the higher price in the future as a deciding factor ... it should be - would you get this regardless of a price increase?
  5. $3459:nuts::sad:
  6. I saw a previous thread stating that 2008 227 is going to be $3495!!
    I do really want this metallic black reissue and I'm not even sure if 2008 collection will look the same( chain, leather etc....)as the one that I really like. I know decision is upto me but your thoughts count alot too.
    Thanks for replying and keep it coming!! ^^
  7. I don't know that I'd pay $2700 for a bag that small and that has been even gently used. I like the reissue, but just not that size. That is my personal opinion.

    If YOU love it, then it will be worth it.
  8. Perhaps a call to Chanel 1 800 and a SA, if you have a fave and ask them about the availability of an '08 black metallic. If they're going to be available, will they have the same look -- leather, color hardware as the '07. Also ask Chanel what the new price structure is for the 226.
  9. I have and love the metallic black 226 reissue, but that said, I'm certain they will be out for the spring, and the 227 should be $2895, not the astronomical price a pfer was quoted by a Chanel rep (that $3495 price should be for the 228 reissue). :yes: Considering that, I would probably get on a waitlist, and get it brand new, and preferably in the size you really want! :tup: :heart:
  10. I think that is too much for a resale 226 bag. I'd wait and either find another or see the new styles.
  11. Did you know the price that the ebayer is selling it for is more than we all paid for it retail??? Esp since it's the 226.
  12. My reasoning for this is if it is something that you were going to buy for full retail price, you might as well go for the deal and save yourself some money. If you're not willing to pay full price for it, maybe look around more to see if you can score a better deal.
  13. I would hold off till I see the new colors since they will also be metallic but prob. within the same price range, plus the new colors are so exciting!
  14. if it was something that i knew i will eventually get, then i will go for the lower price. however, it must be a reputable seller.
  15. That's the price of a new one. If it were me, I'd wait to get a brand new one for the same price.