is it worth is to drive 4 hrs to go to the gucci outlet?

  1. hey guys!! I am so glad i found this site. I nearly bought a bag from a website claiming that their bags are authentic. Good thing you told me that the website was a fake. Anyway, do you think it is worth is to go to the Gucci outlet store? My friend said they dont sell bags that much and what i really wanted are the bags with the gucci canvas print on it like the Britt bags. Would appreciate your inputs. thanks! ;)
  2. I think it's worth it! But you better call the outlet up and see if they've anything you want before going. Or they can ship it to you too for a small fee.

    Outlets shopping usually is a hit or miss, but I did buy three bags last year I went there :lol: :shame:
  3. omg so worth it!! i would do it if i lived 4 hrs away!!! :smile: the shipping fee is only $10 i think so totally worth it too. it's different than seeing it in person though ya know. post pics if you do go ;)
  4. Of cours it's worth it. Try to scope out the area and see what else you can do out there. make it a mini getaway. Sounds like fun!! take me with you :biggrin: But yes, call before hand like BeeJerry mentioned so at least you'll get an idea what they have in stock. Have funnnn!!! :wlae:
  5. At Woodbury Commons, Central Valley, New York it is hit and miss, I would call first and ask if they have what you are looking for. Call when they open as that is when they are not busy
  6. I totally would! I called and they were too busy to look up a particular bag. They took my information and never called back. I already have to drive 75 min to get to a Gucci store so if you want to go to the other outlets in the area I say go for it!
  7. I've been to the Gucci outlet at Woodbury Commons and every time I go, it's a miss! I would definitely call before making the trip, especially if you are a long drive away!
  8. them. They will send pics of what you are looking for over email...they'll pretty much email you whatever they have. At least the SA in Woodbury did for me.
  9. I would do it......if I had an outlet even remotely close to me I would drive there!

  10. I will camp outside! :lol:
  11. make a mini vacay of it. so if you don't find anything it doesn't feel like a complete waste!
  12. If I could catch a four hour plane trip to a gucci outlet I would have already left in my pyjamas. Go for me!!!!!
  13. It depends on what you want and what outlet you are near. I live about 30 minutes from the Cabazon outlet, but I've never been thrilled with the selection there. I would definitely call in advance.

    Whether they have what you want or not you'll have fun. Bring a friend and make an adventure out of it. You could do it roundtrip in one day; just get plenty of sleep the night before.
  14. Thanks guys!! i definitely will keep you updated. I might go next week and if I do find something, I'll post it right away :yes:
  15. Well, perhaps I should try again! Not anytime soon because I am definitely on a Gucci ban! 3 bags in one month. My DH still hasn't spotted the 3rd.