Is it worth is?? And any Kabana owners??

  1. Hi,

    Well, there is a red Kabana which I found on eBay. I do like this style, but I have a few questions.

    1. Is a used Kabana with some pen marks inside worth $1750? (hoping this is authentic--fingers crossed)

    2. Is this a good everyday tote?

    3. Do you think this could be cleaned up by Hermes (pen marks interior and minor scuffs on bottom corners)?

    4. What are your thoughts on a Kabana?? (and if anyone happens to own one....I'd LOVE if you could post pics of you wearing it :flowers: I'm just wondering if the sizing is right....I'm 5'3)

    Thank you ;)
  2. Can you try a Kabana in a store near you perhaps?

    I didn't see the pen marks in the listing (but didn't look at all the pics and didn't read the text eitehr). If there are pen marks then stay away. They cannot be refurbished. And 1750$ is too expensive for a bag with pen marks IMO because you feel bad everytime you look at them and that's not the way it should be with an Hermes bag.

    There's another (black) one for sale on eBay as well that belongs to one of our members here, maybe that one would be better for you because the overall shape appears to be better.

    The Kabana is also available as a Herbag, offered on eBay quite often for much less.

    Also, have you considered a Garden Party?
  3. I'm totally with Hello.

    Pen marks cannot be removed even if you send in the bag for cleaning. There was a BJ Togo Kabana listed on eBay some time back, seller mentioned the bag was sent for cleaning by Hermes & the pen marks are still visible in the photos. And the seller wanted US$2,000+ :s
  4. Thank you! Yes I agree about the pen marks. Thank you for letting me know they will never come out!!

    I think I'll run to NM to see the bags. Alas, there isn't a H boutique here in MI :sad:
  5. I love the SAs at the Troy NM! Based on telephone interactions, they're such nice people and very helpful and friendly. Jag has posted the names of great ones.

    Are you in love with the Kabana particularly? If not, $1700+ will buy a few types of brand new H bags. If I may suggest...crochetbella, kalliegirl, asa, and aspenmartial have posted pics and threads of their Evelynes, and they're all knockouts.

  6. love, love, love my kabana!!!!!!!! it's a perfect workhorse bag -- easy to get into, but also easy to secure by pulling shut with the straps.

    but that one is too expensive -- i also got mine used (the design has been discontinued for a while), and i paid $2k for a chevre bag in close to perfect condition. (VERY minor corner wear).

    so i'd say YES - get a kabana . . . but not that one.