Is it worth having a relationship with a store?

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  1. I'm looking to purchase my first Goyard (here in the US) and I was wondering if it's worth having a relationship with an SA or store, particulary the Maison in SF. I know that the other French brands cultivate this, so any suggestions from seasoned Goyard fans would be great.

    Also, if you have any SA recommendations, please PM me since I don't want their names on the forum for their own privacy. Thanks.
  2. I have purchased two bags from SF because they didn't have what I was looking for in NYC and I benefitted from the tax savings as well. My first SA is no longer there but when I made my second purchase the SA was able to look at my profile and was rather friendly. I have however developed a friendly relationship with my local SA here at BNY she's legendary and so helpful with my purchases here.
  3. I have a few pieces and do not have a relationship with a particular SA. I buy or order it from any store.
  4. i recently purchased my st louis from the sf store and the are 2 great great male SA's that i have worked fact everyone there is very helpful and kind...even if you are just looking and not purchasing.
    so IMO no need to have a relationship...:smile:
  5. I only have two Goyards one from BG and one from Paris. If your a frequent buyer then it might be worth it but if not then I would not bother. It's not like other brands where there is a new collection coming in each season and you have to fight for what you want. I do know the specialist at BG and she recognizes me but it's not the kind of relationship where she would call me for anything.