Is it worth giving up for the jumbo??

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  1. I´m concidering selling my classic flap in lamb which I got in the summer of 2008. The main reason is because I find the bag to be so small and on top of that it´s in lamb so it´s very fragile and not suitable for everyday use.

    I have an offer of the equivalent of 1300 euros and I bought it for 1690. I´m planning to purshase the jumbo, and the selling of the medium would definitely help me to get the jumbo sooner.

    The issue here is that I´m afraid I might regret it in the future. The bag is one of the most classic ones in the world. I´m a petite person (5.2/1.58) so I´m thinking that the jumbo might be too big on me?

    What to you think, sell the medium and get the jumbo?
  2. Personally, I would say sell the m/l and get the jumbo. But I am a big bag girl. My favorite flap is the maxi and then the jumbo. But I do not have any m/l's because to me it is so small, I might as well be using my mini.

    It is all about what you carry on a regular basis. If you think you might regret selling your m/l, wait for a while and just save up for your jumbo. Or, if you think you will get more use out of a jumbo, sell your m/l. You can always buy another one down the road. My only hesitation about selling bags is loosing money. To me, I buy a bag because I love it and I really can't justify letting one go for a huge loss. So in conclusion, if you have a decent offer, and you want the jumbo --- I say go for it, but think about all your options first!
  3. No. I am same size as yours.

    At first thought that the jumbo was too big for me also.
    Then that does not take long for it to grow on me especially for daily uses.

    Keep your M/L lambskin, and save for the jumbo at later time.
  4. I'm 5'2' as well and find the jumbo size fine ... it's a great size for everyday use. However the m/l is great size for going out on dressier occasions, I would still keep it and save up for a jumbo.
  5. Save up for the jumbo and see if it fits you better. If it does, you can always sell the M/L later. :idea:
  6. I would prefer jumbo to medium! ;)
  7. Don't sell the M. You would loose too much $. Save for the jumbo!
  8. Keep the M/L, like previously said, it's a good going out purse whether you're at the club or the movies. Save for the Jumbo.
  9. I would save for the jumbo instead.
  10. I went through the same dilemma. Up until about 2 years ago, I bought nothing but M/Ls and 226s. After purchasing my 227 and jumbos combined with changes in lifestyle, I find the bigger bags much more practical. I even carry them for night outs. Anyway, I thought about selling all my M/Ls, but something stopped me.......I may regret I didn't sell any of my M/Ls. For you, keep your M/L and save up for the jumbo.

    Btw, I'm only 5'2 and petite and the bigger bags sooth me find. Think Nicole Richie.
  11. keep m/l, save for jumbo
  12. I agree with everyone . . . keep the m/l, save for the jumbo.
  13. I am petite too and i love my Jumbos! :smile:
  14. I think if you can save up for the jumbo you should keep your M/L

    I like to have bags of all sizes
  15. could not agree more.