Is it worth getting an LV scarf, bandeau, etc?

  1. I'm considering getting one but not sure if it's worth getting... :P Any idea which are nice? My main intention of getting one is to tie it on my Speedy (oh, it's so pretty :love: ) but are there other ways of using it so that I'm more convinced that I totally NEED one? :P
  2. i want a bandeau too, wondering the same thing... the fushia perf is just so cute
  3. You could use it in your hair, if you're into that.
  4. It's worth it! A new scarf or bandeau can totally transform a bag. I recently bought a red porcelain fleur to tie on my Speedy, and it makes the bag fresh and summery. And if I don't use it for my Speedy then I can tie it on my hair like elongreach said.:yes:
  5. I didn't think it was worth it at the prices that I would be paying domestically.. so I bought one when I was abroad. It's stunning with my bags !
  6. A scarf tied around the neck is pretty classy.
  7. For the money, I wouldn't want to just crush a silk scarf on a bag. I wear them in my hair. Maybe the cotton bandanas or the long thin ones would be more appropriate for putting on a bag.
  8. when youre tired of it you can frame it and make a poster out of it. you know vuittonize your walls haha
  9. ^^HAHA. I think I'm going to do that...although I don't think my family would like that very much.
  10. I think they're cute but I personally would not get it. I think it is a little too much for a scarf. Again, it's just my personal opinion! Maybe get a used one on eBay or at a consignment store? They do look nice tied on bags or in hair but for that price? If money is not a problem though, go for it!
  11. I have a blue Mono Denim Bandana (cotton) and a silk scarf (black panthers) and I love them both! I use them on my bags as well as around my neck. Totally worth it IMO!
  12. I love scarves: use for hair, belts and bags. Triple threat. LOL.
  13. it is useful to me and i love my perf fushia bandeau, but i use it for the hair more than a bag accessory. its very soft and long that i used it as a belt too. i love the LV bandeau more than i like my twillys
  14. Here is my denim one on my little Bessie! :love:
  15. Aww.. she's just too cute ! It's like she was born to wear LV. :biggrin:
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