Is it worth getting a burberry trench?

  1. I really love the Burberry trenches, but are they worth the price? There are so many different trench coats that i get a little confused. I saw a short pink one for 250 euro's and a long beige one for over a thousand euro's :nuts:
  2. Oh I love the Burberry trench, will never date, love the long classic beige. definitely expensive but worth it IMO
    Haven't seen the short pink is it Burberry, sound gorgeous!
    Choice depends on your age also.
  3. Yes it was burberry but i don't know wich line it was, they also had it in baby blue. I'm almost 21 but a very classic dresser
  4. I got mine 3 years back and its just perfect for travelling at any weather, Im thinking to get the next one in beige, first is black
  5. Yes, very worth it. I would love to own one.:girlsigh:
  6. Totally worth it. You'll wear it over and over again.
  7. Yes! And as you mentioned you have a classic style, I'd imagine you would wear it forever.
  8. Definitely worth it!! It's a great classic and goes with really, sooo many things in a wardrobe.
  9. I definitely think burberry trenches are worth the price!! In the near future, I want to get one!
  10. Agreeing with the others here that the Burberry trench is def. a classic and worth every penny! I think it's one of those "must have" items if you're a Burberry fan :amuse:
  11. Yes it is worth it. I have my grandmother's from the 1960's and it is still in mint condition and so, so wearable!
  12. I think a burberry trench definitely is worth it... I plan on getting one this spring. The styling is classic and IMO, it never goes out of style, so you won't be buying 20 trenches of cheaper quality trying to approximate the cut, class and chicness of the burberry. :smile: