Is it Worth Getting A 2nd Hand Monogram Saumur...

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  1. saw in my local 2nd hand shop for sale at USD$1200, in mint condition, medium patina, do you think its worth it? Size is similar to the Mono Lin Saumur XXL 45 cm

    Guys help me out here before I head down to the shoP!
  2. Anyone?
  3. Is that a luggage piece? Cause I don't see it online. Seems kinda high for second hand. What is original retail??

    Sorry I'm not much help.
  4. Oh the vintage Saumer 43- that's quite a gorgeous bag! Price is a little high, you could get one for maybe $100- 200 less on eBay.
  5. Yes! Its a vintage pc! No longer in production. Yeah, its a bit on the high side but its in very gd condition despite its age. The shop keeper says its about 15-18 years old.
  6. I wouldn't simply because of the age...
  7. I was thinking if I should wait til I go HK next month and check out the 2nd hand shops over there. But if I dont get it now, and I can't find any over in HK, i might regret! I find its a tad too ex for its age.
  8. Anyone more opinions?
  9. I think if you are willing to pay over 1K usd then add just a bit more and buy it brand new :p
  10. altough if this bag is the ONE you want and u can't find it anywhere else then buy it
  11. I Dont Think Its Worth It!! I Would Save More And Buy A New One!!
  12. Its that kind of moment of rashness when you walk into a LV shop to browse and absolutely no intention to buy anything at all and then you saw something that you just got to BUY IT ON THE SPOT. At least if its in the shop, there's still time to consider.

    For discontinued items....that's really a dilemma.