Is it worth buying or wasting money..Please help!

  1. Hi..Please give me some advice...

    I always thought Sisley skin care products for more mature women (I thought starting age to use products like late-30'/early 40'+), but alot of ladies I know ages from mid-20's to early-30' love Sisley products as well. After I heard many good things about that brand, I can't wait anymore to try (originally, I was going to wait another 10 years to use that brand:sweatdrop:).

    However, I would like to be very careful before I make a decision...I would like to get some advice from you guys before I buy entire Sisley line.

    What do you think of Sisley, or any feedback from your experience/ you heard from others? Do you think this brand it worth the money? Which particular Sisley product do you really like? I want to try..but I am confused...:sad: Please help! Thanks!
  2. i've only tried 1 sisley product and it was called the "intense anti-aging hydration" lotion. i really liked the consistency since i don't like really oily feeling on my face, or clog my pores, but it gave great hydration. highly recommend.
  3. Thank you~!

    Anyone else?..please...
  4. i'm 25 and on my 2nd tub of the collagen and woodmallow cream. i LOVE it.

    Some ppl love it some don't, but I do. However, you should get samples because I bought Confort Extreme and didnt like it (it was too moisturizing for my taste and left me a tad oily), but for super parched skin will probably love it.

    This below, is amazing! I havent had the chance the repurchase but when I have some extra $$$ I will definetly buy another.
  5. Read ingredients list first before buying anything. This way can save you a lot of money (I personally don't use sisley).
  6. I've tried samples and liked the way they made my skin feel, but I haven't tried any long-term. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. There are many botanical based lines on the market. Most of them are sold via high-end dept. stores. Some people have issues w/botanical based skin care, some do not. Also, these lines tend to have a short shelf-life; they use the bare minimum preservatives (which is why those of us with very sensitive skin who can use botanical base REALLY LOVE them).

    Darphin, Sisley, DeCleor, Clarins and Chantecaille are the ones that fall into the above catagory. The only issue w/Clarins is that the product DOES tend to be HIGHLY scented; not something everyone loves. Sadly, these same lines are not cheap (Clarins is the least expensive of them all) and samples are NOT easy to come buy (which angers me, but that's how seems to be). I buy when there is a GWP and always ask for samples. Or, try a bath and body product (they all have SUPER ones) and show interest for the face line; many a time I would then receive an entire face regime of samples simply because I made that one purchase (it could be hand cream, lip moisturizer, etc.).

    Sisley is an EXCELLENT line. Go to Neiman and read over the products; though many tend to not be online. There are MANY and it can get confusing very quickly. Or just visit their web site. A little goes a long way, so the product will last quite some time. HTH and good luck!!
  8. Sisley products don't sit well with my very sensitive skin.
    The products I've used that have caused sometimes painful reactions were:
    Soapless foaming cleanser, which made my skin itch and shortly thereafter got little red bumps all across my jaw line.
    Cleansing milk made the skin around my nose and beneath my eyes really red.
    Eye and lip contour balm, which burns the skin around my eyes like a fire. When I thought I had finally gotten it washed off, I felt like I had sticky crap all over my eye lid.
    I would suggest also having a peruse of the make up alley website where you'll get a lot more reviews about very specific products.

    Shortly after the eye gel nightmare, I discovered Jurlique and never looked back.
  9. I don't really like sisley or clarins. I now know the reason - I guess my skin doesn't like botanical-based products! (thanks cjj for the explanation).
    So, like everyone said, try a sample and see if you like it.
  10. I think the best thing is to pick up some samples and check reviews. A good site I periodically check products is
  11. Thank you for your thoughtful advice, everyone~! I am having a second thought on Sisley now...I should do more research...:upsidedown:
  12. their eye/lip countour cream and line eraser (way too expensive though) are great.