Is it worth buying? LV can chiller

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  1. I have never seen that before! Is it Authentic?
  2. I'd say pass.
  3. i would say definatly pass..use tha 200 dollars towards a bag or something else!!
  4. yep, it is authentic
  5. ok..pass because it's useless?
  6. haha that's kinda cool, I'd use it since I take drinks with me to class all the time. But don't think I'd pay that much for it lol.
  7. haha its kinda cute
  8. oh that is so cute! its definitely authentic. i would love it if it were a 1 liter bottle chiller. i dont drink out of cans.

    OT- i would love one of those Japanese LV Bibles!
  9. OMG! That is the ultimate gift for the girl who has!
  10. It's too cute, I'd buy it just as a novelty if my cash flow wasn't so bad !!!
  11. It's cute.
  12. Very cute...but I prolly wouldn't get looks too much like my daughter's tumbler...
  13. i'd buy it if i have money to spare :smile:
  14. ok~ since i've supposed to be on a ban, i will pass on this one >.<
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