Is It Worth Building a Relationship With a SA?

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  1. Hello all, I would like to get your opinion on this...

    Just a little background, I was super crazy about LV between 2008-2011, where I used to buy at least one thing every month and I used to buy from the same SA. I've read/heard that people get gift(s) from their SA if you have a great relationship with them. However, I've never gotten anything from her except for thank you cards. I also felt like she never went above and beyond for me either; like how some SAs would hunt down discontinued or hard to get items for their clients. Then, she quit her job in 2011 and that's also when I stopped buying LVs.

    I started buying LVs again in 2013 (just here and there; online and usually when I'm on vacation). I've moved to a different city and I'm not close to any LV stores now (the closest one is about 3 hours away). I've recently met a few really nice and friendly SAs, but since I don't buy LVs that much anymore (maybe 2-3 times a year); I was wondering if it's even worth building a relationship with one of them... What do you guys think? Thanks!
  2. Personally, unless you find someone who you can really connect to, and also want some goodies here and there (it also depends on the person as well, not everyone gives you stuff), then sure, why not.

    I found I tend to spend more when I had a good relationship with an SA, the SA I used to go to left the country last year, and I found my spending has significantly dropped. LOL

    If you don't buy LV that often, I really don't see the necessity doing so. JMO ;)
  3. I think my relationship with an SA is making me buy more than usual. Just sayin'.
  4. If you're mostly buying online and don't go to the same store all the time, it can be hard to build a relationship with one particular SA unless you find one you really click with. I don't buy LV often either but when I do, I go to the same store so I've always dealt with the same SA who happens to be wonderful. The one advantage of that is I can go to her if I have any questions or issues and she can give me a heads up on new items/releases as she happens to be one of the more knowledgeable ones there.

    As far as SA's gifting clients, that depends on the SA. Some give gifts, some go above and beyond and others don't.
  5. In my opinion, yes. If you ever have an issue with one of those bags down the road, having a good relationship can really help. I haven't received any "items" but I have been invited to some pretty exclusive events and boy was that fun!
  6. In my opinion, yes. It is definitely worth it. I don't give a crap about the champagne or the ladurée macaroons! But I like that my SA will track down the products I want. He is fabulous and has been taking care of me for years.

    But I would suggest not to limit yourself to one SA only, because when they leave, you are fckd . I also like to deal with older SAs as they are more likely to stay with the company (for many young people, this is a temporary job). Also, and this is my experience, older SAs are usually "over" the fact that they work for a luxury company: they just want to do their job. 😄 It's true that some younger SAs act like they are curing cancer!
  7. Absolutely worth it. I followed my SA from the Main Store in Atlanta to her move over to the Saks LV boutique, and she finds everything I want. She holds new items in the back for me to see first, she finds MIF bags, and she tracks down hard to find items. She always gives me a drawn string dust bag vs. the fold over kind, because she knows that is my preference. I don't need a fancy LV gift trinket ~ my loyalty to her is appreciated and that is all I am looking for.
  8. Absolutely. I have found that the three years with my SA loyalty pays off. There are definitely perks to having a regular SA not to mention they get to know you and what you like. My SA has even saved me from some bad buys with her honesty. Definitely build a relationship with one if you can.
  9. This. Except I LOVE the champagne and Laduree macaroons! LOL! I wish I could get them in Chicago!

  10. Very true
  11. Yes! I have "accidentally" - but very happily - built a relationship with a wonderful SA at my usual store. While the other SAs there know me and are always super friendly, I just love working with "my" SA. We have a ton of the same interests and are about the same age, and I think I would definitely be friends with her had I met her elsewhere.

    She makes shopping such fun and really does go out of her way to look for things for me even if I just mention I think something is cute. She never rushes me, and if I go in and end up buying nothing, she never seems upset and has never once been pushy. I do find myself spending more though, I think maybe because I just enjoy chatting with her! Even if she were to leave, I think I would still have a great time there and find other SAs to work with because they seem to all generally know me there and the staff seems to change very little over the year.

  12. Thanks for all of your replies!! I also do notice that I spent way more $$ when I used to work with the same SA. [emoji28]

    Guess I'll invest some time in building a relationship with a new one and hopefully s/he won't quit soon! Lol
  13. Totally agree and very well said Fabuleux!
  14. I would love to develop a relationship with an SA. I've been shopping at the Tyson's LV for four years and haven't had the same SA for any of my purchases.
  15. You can tell any SA, if you get along with them, that you would like to shop with a dedicated SA. A lot of clients are more comfortable dealing with one are two SAs only. Then ask when they work to make sure they are there when you want to make a purchase.
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