Is it weird?

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  1. Hi gals, my mum is OBSESSED (sorry about caps just trying to emphasize) with Dooney&Bourke! We are extremely wealthy and I feel lucky about that, she can go out and buy whatever purse she would like with no financial worries, but she is a repeat customer to DB. Is it just me or is this strange, she is attracted to all of the young lines, such as hearts, charm, etc. I tell her to switch to LV or Hermes or even a YSL but she insists they are very matronly and have a grandmother feeling. When she bought me the MJ Stam she told me I looked like a 50 year old lady. Sorry about the rambling! Opinions?
  2. If that's what she likes, then good for her. Not everyone is into designer handbags, even if they are wealthy. It's all about personal preference :amuse:
  3. It's alright. I'm sure she splurges on other stuff. Plus you say she likes it right? Actually I think it's great that she buys based on taste rather than the price tag.
  4. Don't worry, I drive through some of the most well to do areas everyday on the way to work. Rich people don't always read Vogue.
    Also, I am 42 and just bought a pair of 7 jeans. I am just happy they fit.
    Sometimes we are younger on the inside than we look. Let her have her fun, life is too short. At least she doesn't wear Vera Bradley like my mom. (sorry-but see previous thread involving pot holders).
    I don't tell my mom anything about fashion. She feels she's the expert and it is not worth the debate it would cause.
    To each his own.
  5. Let the woman have what she loves! You don't really want to change your Mom, do you?
  6. It's just her preference. Maybe she feels very young and hip with it?
  7. If she is happy with it that is what important.
  8. My mom's in her 50's and carries various bags from the LV multicolore line, she borrows my LV cerises speedy and uses bags from Chanel's Ligne Cambon line. Those are lines that most people would say would look better on younger people but they really look great on her. People say you're only as young as you feel and hey, if she wants to carry bags from those lines, all the better for her. Many people with money don't want to display their wealth anyway so maybe it's better that way.
  9. If it makes her feel young and happy, then let her be. It's her happiness that's most important.
  10. She may like/prefer the "younger" looking lines because they may make her feel younger. But if she likes them--that's all that matters!
  11. Her happiness is all that matters.
  12. Weird? Not at all. Each to her own.
    I'm 50 but feel much younger (pity my appearance doesn't mirror my feeling eh?)
  13. Three cheers for your mom :biggrin:,at least she doesn't fall for all the bulls%*t hype printed in mags like Vogue etc.
    True style is creating your own not following a guideline set down by others.May she live long and continue to do her own thing :biggrin: .
  14. Good for your mom! She should go for what makes her feel good and what she can enjoy!
  15. Handbags like everything else is a matter of personal taste. Can't change it ....