is it weird to wear a gold colour charm on a sliver colour bracelet??

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  1. is it weird to wear a gold colour charm on a sliver colour bracelet??:confused1:
    where can a find a normal charmed bracelet that can fit the juicy's charms ??:thinking:
  2. We have discussed this from time to time.
    Some people prefer to stick to one color, silver/silver or gold/gold.
    Others don't mind mixing gold with silver. I mix them up, as I do with most of my jewelry.

    There are several Juicy Couture charm bracelets, not all are the heavy starter bracelets. But the charms are larger & heavier, so the bracelet has to be able to handle the weight.
  3. I don't mind mixing, there are a few charms that mix the gold and silver colors on the charms themselves. The bat and mouse in cheese charms come to mind. The mixing does bother some people, however. I would say it's up to your individual taste.
  4. nothing wrong with mixing if you like the look of it:smile: I only have two charms (both gold) but both starter bracelets, so i mix...
  5. No, you can mix gold and silver together. That's what I read on Instyle for few month ago... it's definaely not bad look as some ppl thought. :smile:

    I think it's trendy.... I even saw gold/ silver/ pearl mixed on necklace... it's so pretty look.
  6. I've never mixing silver and gold until yesterday that I really wanted to wear my 2006 snowflake (silver charm w/gold clasp), so I had it on a silver chain... and I love it! it's fun to try something new ^.^
  7. I really think silver and gold looks tacky together, but with SOME charms, it looks alright. I think you can have a gold bracelet and then wear a silver bracelet with it too. (:
  8. my two cents are that mixing it really depends on how it will look but i prefer to stick to silver with silver and gold with gold. but once again, that's my two cents.. lol
  9. I don't think it's necsesarily a faux pas to mix the two-- there are a lot of charms that have both gold and silver, though there are definitely some that I don't think work as well (ex. silver polar bear on a gold bracelet). I started with a silver bracelet but just gave in and bought a gold b/c there were too many gold charms I wanted and was hesitant about mixing. Just my two cents!