Is it weird to feel this way?

  1. I usually love mono, damier, vernis, mc, etc... and don't really care if other people thinks that logo bags are screaming for attention, especially LV. I'm usually not those attention-grabbing type, pretty low profile :shame: , but I love logo designs. Not sure if deep down inside I'm actually screaming for attention though denying it? :sweatdrop: :shame: Am I?

    Anyway, recently I'm looking into getting something really subtle, maybe something epi as I really need one for certain occassions to avoid unneccessary attention. I know I can simply carry a no-brand bag but I guess, I have become a bag snob? (gasp!) :push: :sweatdrop: I just don't feel the excitement anymore if I carry non-designer bags and thinking of selling all of them except a few versatile pieces. It is weird to feel this way? I mean, to want to carry a designer bag that is so subtle that hopefully no one notices and knows except for yourself? Does anyone feel like this before? I can't really explain why but perhaps I still wanna continue carrying a designer purse from the designers I love minus all those unwanted attention? Or perhaps, it's like wearing super sexy lingerie. :shame: :p You feel good wearing a super sexy piece that only you know what's inside that normal looking top and pants. Am I making sense here? :sweatdrop:
  2. I understand, although I prefer the Epi line only because I love the sleek lines and the look of the handbags in that material.
  3. no no your not weird at al:yes: l!!!! that is the great things about designer bags! that only the people in 'the know' know what they are. for the subtle bags, thats why I love them!
    I was in the hairdressers on saturday, and my hairdresser said, 'wow what a weird bag, has it got like 2 seperate parts'. I had my fendi spy bag with me!
    I thought it was great, she was not commenting on such a great fendi bag beacuse it cost X amount, but the design!
    and thats the best thing IMO!!!
  4. Yes I understand what you feel... In my case I never felt more attention for carrying a LV bag maybe is because of the culture but here nobody cares or looks (yeah that sometimes is boring) but I feel all the time that I carry it and ejoy it for myself u get it?? I love my bags and I have most monogram...
    I think you have to buy what you love, and think that life is too short for pleasing people u don't know...
    in a few words if you love mono buy mono if you love epi buy epi ... most of LV things are gorgeous
  5. I love when I carry my epi bags, especially when my grandmother complimented me on my mandarin epi speedy and asked me if it was from TJMAXX, I appreciate the compliment more when people don't know it's a certain designer.
  6. Although the Suhali L'Talenteur isn't the most subtle bag in the world (gold studs, anyone? :p), I always get compliments when I carry it and everyone (who doesn't already know) is surprised when they learn it's LV! I love that it doesn't scream LV, but rather 'I'm a stunning bag so admire me' :lol:

    So I completely understand where you're coming from! :yes:
  7. I love the mono line too and am not screaming for fact I hate attention my bags draw sometimes. I just love the mono look...and I like them on most designer bags.
  8. Yup, I love the look of epi too, so classy. :love: I will definitely NOT buy something just because it's subtle and designer's. Lol... :p

    But I prefer lighter colors of epi such as lilac, vanilla, etc. Wish they have more lighter colors!
  9. Yea, that's exactly what I mean! :yes: I'm ok if people comment on the design of my bag, (whether they like it or not) but not on how much is cost, etc. I totally hate it if they said, "OMG, another new LV again?! Wow, you can really spend!" etc... It gets me so embarrass. :shame:
  10. Yea, I get what you mean, most of the time, I buy only things I like and don't care much for what people think. But it's just that in certain situation if I can avoid those unwanted attention, I will totally avoid it at all cost. Like, if I know I'm going out with certain friends that they can't stop talking about how expensive my bag is, I rather not bring an obvious mono bag out on that day. The last thing I need is be the main topic of discussion for hours! I hate those attention. KWIM? It just gets so tired hearing all that. :push: :sweatdrop:
  11. Yea, ITA..! That's so sweet coz we know it's a really sincere and honest compliment. :yes:
  12. Oh, I love white Suhali too, :yes: just that it's over my current budget. :shame: Otherwise, I'll get a white Le Fab and Le Tal..! :love:
  13. Yea, that's how I feel too. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. I understand, too. I have several mono pieces and I still like them very much, but there are times when I'd like to have a subtler look, so I'm looking into black epi now, too. I tried looking at some other brands but I guess I am just an LV girl at heart. :heart::love:

    What epi pieces are you looking at?
  15. I love the look of epi Saint Tropez but seems like it's not practical enough. :p Jasmine is nice too! So far, I only like lilac and vanilla, so seems like eBay is my only option. Hmm, hope they'll launch more light colors for epi.

    How about you? Which epi pieces are you looking at?