Is it weird to feel this way for the Neverfull?

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  1. I was planning to get the Neverfull bag next month. It's a beautiful bag. Love it.

    Until I showed my bf the pics, he was like the straps looked fragiled and it doesn't look appealing to him. He then added "With its price(inexpensive/affordable), everyone's going to get it. Get a different bag." Funny because this is the first time he rather have me get a more expensive bag. He told me to get the white Leather Onatah GM instead. Personally, i think it's too big on my frame.

    You see my bf knows me too well. He knows i don't like things that are common. I don't like to wear a bag that everyones on the street has. Although, the speedy is the only bag i think is totally acceptable. Hope i didn't offend anyone.

    Now i'm having second thoughts on the Neverfull.

    Is it strange of me to feel this way? is there anyone out there who is on the same boat as me? I think this is also the reason why i returned my BH.:confused1:
  2. No not strange I hate the fragile straps as well!
  3. i saw the straps and although they looked fragile, the SA assured me it was really durable. i understand what you mean about not wanting to carry a bag that everyone else has...i'm much the same way. but you should go with your heart. or you can always save the money for something really amazing coming out from june thru the fall...there's bound to be a bag there you will love. :smile:
  4. I was at the LV store to pick up my LV box (for the Beverly MM I got last week, they ran out of boxes). My lovely SA showed me the Neverfull line and I didn't like the look of the straps. I agree with you about how common it will become. Get something you will really love, that way you will love using it for many years to come. I fell in love with the Beverly MM, even though it's not that popular since it's a newer model but I went and got it anyway. I am so happy and I love using it. Good luck with your decision.
  5. personally I would get the bag IF I really loved it , no matter how many other people carry it. In my area, I don't see tons of people carrying LV anyway so it wouldn't apply to me anyway I guess. I don't think I will get the neverfull mostly because it is open top bag and I need a zipped bag living in the city!
  6. Nah, it's normal to feel this way!

    I'm not really a fan of the Neverfull... :s
  7. it's totally normal. i feel the same way too.

    ps: i don't really trust the SA every time they assure me about the durability tho. experience is truly the best teacher.
  8. It's normal to feel how you do, but I think even if 100 people carry the same bag, each carries it with their own style; and that makes it different IMO. Also, you can always accesorise it to make it different!
  9. I totally get what your saying, however when it comes out in Damier I just might break down.
  10. how about dressing it up with a bandeau or keychain to make it your own?
  11. I like the neverfull but it's not something I would buy. I can't explain it. I don't like the side thingys and it doesn't zip shut or anything. It's just too.....tote-like. I may be totally wrong - and I have never seen it in person so you can all correct me if I am. Good luck with your decision.
  12. I wouldn't pass on a design I like just because everyone else likes/has it too, jmho.

    But if it's because you don't really loooove it, then no doubt, pass on it :smile:.

    Anyways, just go with your heart!
  13. I agree, I like to have special things too. But if I love something, even if it is going to be popular I still get it because in the end do what makes you happy. The sentiment of follow/listen to your heart as mentioned by many before is really the best advice here.
  14. I like it because is like an "all terrain" bag. You don't need to worry about the vacheta. Great for raining days! :tup: But if you are not going to feel comfortable using it because it can become very popular, don't buy it.
  15. i kinda like the neverfull, however i find the sides pretty bothering, and furthermore, im into the damier line, rather than mono... so i might just wait for the damier line to be out...