Is it weird to contact a buyer by phone?

  1. So you know when you have a sale with a buyer/seller you can request their contact info on eBay. Generally, I have done this with unscrupulous sellers who won't refund my money. But I do have the contact info for the buyer who won't seem to respond after winning the auction. Is it weird to call?
  2. I usually don't worry about it and just relist, but I don't think it's weid. The buyer will be SHOCKED when you call, but it might scare them into paying! ha!
  3. How long has it been since the auction ended?
  4. I have done it--but not too often.
  5. I felt the same way. I had a person who would not spond and would not pay. It was weird contacting her by phone and she did not like it. She was very angry and wanted to know how I got her number. She didnt pay and the only reason why she contacted me was to find out how I got her number. It's definitely weird and some poeple dont like it.
  6. Ive had a seller talk to me before because she recently fraudulent buyers, but that was it, I thought it was a bit strange but I was okay with it :smile:
  7. A buyer called me once and it freaked me out...I told her it was absolutely unacceptable to call and to please go through proper eBay online communication channels. I wouldn't call...she may get really ticked off.
  8. I don't answer calls that I don't recognize the number.
  9. I don't know. Once i won and paid for an item and the buyer would not respond about when the item was shipped. I went through all the proper eBay contact links. After 3 weeks i got her number and called. She was SHOCKED, but sent my item right away. I didn't leave her negative feedback and she didn't leave me anything either.
  10. a buyer once called me a few hours after we exchange emails :p
    at first, i was shocked when my bf said i got a call from US, but she's a girl from my country too who lives in US now and would like to chat for a while LOL
    which is cute, i think :p

    but that's all my experience goes, although i do exhange text messages to my seller/buyer a few times to exchange infos about the payment/shipping because it's faster than reaching out for internet connection.
  11. If I were you I won't even bother. File a non paying buyer complaint and recover your selling fees. Good Luck
  12. I have called sellers on two seperate occasions. Both times I left messages and they never called back. I didn't feel uncomfortable after all they had received my payment, but I hadn't received my items so why should I be embarrassed?

    I actually once called a buyer. The paypal payment address was unconfirmed and the buyers name and payment received from name were completely different, I mean different in that one was English and the other Chinese. It was just all too strange the buyer was registered in WA and the bag was supposed to go to CA. I did not want to risk sending a $800 purchase to an unconfirmed address so I called the number and reached the movie phone line! 'Welcome to Movie phone....'. Needless to say I refunded the money & cancelled the transaction. So in this instance I felt I definitely did the right thing and if I hadn't called I would have probably been out $800 & a Chloe purse!
    Under normal circumstances if I have a regular NPB I just file the claim and wait it out, I usually hope they don't respond so I can leave a negative without fear of retaliation! I also check goofbay to see if they've been buying tons of other stuff, with so many account takeovers you never know what's going on.
    It's also a useful feature for international shipping as a phone number is required for the paperwork.
  13. I have only called when things have gone wrong and each time the number turned out to be fraudulent - hmmm.
  14. I've been called twice, and I was the seller both times. The first time a buyer called me because she was waiting for her item which I honestly had just forgotten to send. I was in the middle of some serious personal/family stuff and didn't get her message right away, and she started calling me repeatedly. At one point, she even left a message saying that she knew cops in my area and maybe she'd send them over to pay me a visit. I could understand her wanting to call me, but I think she clearly took it too far.

    Another buyer called me also, but this guy was just weird. He paid and I shipped his stuff the next day. He proceeded to call me every day until he received the box. Are you kidding? It took like three days to get to him and he called every day. THEN, he had the nerve to leave me a neutral feedback, citing "poor communication after shipment."

    Long story short - I'd try e-mailing first or going through eBay. No one wants to get a call from some random person.
  15. i had a buyer call me once thinking i could take their cc info over the phone. LOL. but it freaked me out. i don't want to call anyone and i don't want them calling me. email works just fine.