Is it weird to call SA after happy with service?

  1. I just bought sunglasses at Nordstrom over the weekend, but they didn't have the color I wanted. I thought the SA was so helpful and nice... I just got the sunglasses today. Would it be weird if I called him to thank him and let him know that I'm pleased with the purchase?
  2. No not at all weird but what would be even better would be to call their manager. All too often people phone only ever to complain so it's great to phone and say how impressed with their service you are and it sometimes earns the SA bonuses.

    I always do it if someone deserves it. I even phoned up to say how great my UPS lady was and she ended up getting promoted in the end
  3. Not weird at all, it's always nice to get positive feedback IMO
  4. :yes:

    This was my suggestion as well. People can get raises and promotions this way, and it's better for them to get it than someone else who's not good to customers, but kisses the boss' butt, kwim?
  5. I think calling both the SA & the boss is a good idea!! If she gets a raise/promotion because you called the boss-great for her!! But even if not promotion/raise comes out of this, I think she'd be happy to hear that you were very pleased with her customer service!!
  6. Ok! I'll call him later...

    hehe most of you were referring to my SA as "her" haha

    and I'll call the manager- thanks for the tip!
  7. Yep, I think a call to the SA or manager is great! Every now and then, I also send my SA a quick Thank You note. I figure she can leave it out for her boss to see!

    Also, that kind of feedback at Nordstrom will sometimes get you put on the list for special events!
  8. aww i think that would be sweet.
  9. I think it's a great idea. The majority of the time, customers will surely call back to complain. Besides, I used to work customer service and it feels really nice to know someone appreciates you trying to help them.
  10. I don't think that's a weird idea at all! I've called/emailed SA's to let them know that I was very happy with them before. You never know what a small act can do - if I was having a bad day and someone called to let me know how happy they were because of me, it would cheer me right up! Also, it would probably lead to better service next time hehe
  11. Definitely call the manager! When I worked in retail, management loved getting positive feedback since they usually get calls only with problems.
  12. Not weird at all! Its a good way to start a relationship , ie sales and specials.
  13. I don't think it's weird. There's certainly nothing wrong with putting in a good word when you've received excellent service. It encourages good service in the future.

    I did business with an online seller of rare vinyl. I was so happy with my shopping experience that I e-mailed them expressing my pleasure. They responded very positively. They seemed genuinely happy to receive positive feedback.
  14. I think it's very appropriate to call an SA after good service. As others have said, most people only call for bad service, but it should work both ways! A quick call to let them know you appreciated the help they gave you is a really nice gesture. And call the manager too!
  15. I stopped and wrote a note for the store manager last time I was at Nordstrom. One of the girls spent over an hour with me helping me decide on jeans, and then she had the tailor bump me up on the wait list for alterations so I could take them home that day. I said that I loved how helpful she was, and how she didn't get frustrated even though I am probably the pickiest person on earth at times, and that I'd make sure to come back to her next time. The manager sent me a really sweet letter. Do it, its worth it even if you know its just going to put a smile on their face.

    Who doesn't like being thanked?