Is it weird to be spurred to buy an LV bc I want to beat the price increase?

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  1. So now that it seems confirmed that the price increase is happening in the US around Feb 16-18th .. I'm thinking now that I should really buy that LV bag I've been wanting!!

    I'm still contemplating whether or not it's worth it for me to put down the money for a new LV, but since there is going to be a price increase, I'm thinking I should just buy one now before it gets even more expensive?

    Or do you think a decision like this spurred by the price increase is silly and I should wait until I'm SURE that I want to spend the money on the bag first?

    Anyone else buy something a bit impulsively just because they want to beat a price increase??
  2. If it is a bag, as you have said, you have been wanting, there is nothing wrong with trying to save some $$. IMO it's only impulse if you weren't really planning to get it anyway (before hearing of the increase):smile:
  3. im in the same boat! ive been planning to sell some bags to fund a trevi but the recent price increase was making me rethink that plan. i was going to buy it now & then pay off my CC when i sell my bags. i ran the idea by my DH who declined. however he did offer to pay the difference btwn the price now & after the price increase :yahoo:

    so im back to waiting it out...
  4. Perfectly normal and depending on the item, a substantial saving ... I've done it before and saved quite a bit
  5. I am in a similar situation to. I have been planning on getting my first LV bag in May for my b-day :yahoo: but then because of the price increase thought about getting it sooner. I told my dad (who will be footing the bill) about the impending price increase.
    He said he didn't care if the price went up so I guess I won't worry about the increase anymore .:biggrin:
  6. Agreed! :yes::yes:
  7. How much of a price increase will it be for the most part?

  8. i think 4-8%, that's what i've heard.
  9. Thanks for the info
  10. If you are planning to make the purchase of s specific bag soon--in a month or two I would buy it before the increase.
  11. You should be absolutely SURE before you buy your LV because the %increase is not much compared to the total price of an LV (if you rush and later regret, think about the total price)
  12. ok so I'm horrid at math, I was going to buy the Speedy 35 next month, the site says it's $ much would the new price be?
  13. Good point made :tup:
  14. I was going to buy in march/april but now thinking of getting it before the price increase (that is if there is any price increase). The store that I buy from have the best SA and manager. I guess they know me and my DH very well. So they will give us a call if there is a price increase. But I really hope that there is no price increase.
  15. Nope. I've done it before!