is it weid to have BOTH the Galliera and the Tivoli?

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  1. so i currently have the mono Galliera Pm and ive begun the infomus search for a new bag. im not the kind of person who likes having more then a few bags at the same time, because that way they're each more special to me. I would like to have about 3 Lv bags at a time. Right now i have 2 and am looking for one more. The one im contemplating getting is the mono Tivoli Gm.

    so what I would like to know is, is it silly to have both the Galliera and the Tivoli? are they too similar? if you had the option of only having 2 LV's would you chose the Tivoli as your next bag or something that is a lot more different?
  2. not silly at all!!!
  3. I don't think it's weird or silly.. they're completely different bags! It's not silly to have multiple speedies and NFs either! hehe I think the tivoli and palermo is similar but neither of those bags are similar to galliera..

    Did you only want mono bags? What abt a hand held?
    Have you considered the Stresa?
  4. thank you guys! well i mostly mean silly in the sense that im only chosing 2-3 bags so in that case maybe they should be a lot more different?? plus given the slightly higher price point, it mite not be worth to have similar ones, unlike the speedys (which have a better price) so it makes it easier to have a few of them :smile: kwim?

    im not opposed to the other lines, but im leaning a little more towards mono and right now Tivoli is the only other mono bag i like...i tried the stressa in store and unfortunately it just wasn't for me :sad:
  5. I don't think it's silly at all, they are both totally different styles of bags. I like both of the bags for completely different reasons. If you love the Tivoli and want it as your next bag I'd go for it! Good Luck with your decision.

    We posted at the same time, sorry! I don't think it's silly at all to only have 2-3 bags at a time, that way they get lots of love, attention and rotation!
  6. Ah yeah.. I know what you mean..
    How abt aim to get one fo each canvas style? mono, damier ebene & azur! :P
    At the end of the day.. just get what you love!! Can't do any wrong there! hehe
  7. no at all. two complete different bags..
  8. Great idea to have both, they really are very different, so nice to have two or three to choose from too~Get what your heart desires, it will always be just right~
  9. They're 2 completely different style. The only thing they have in common is that they're both the best looking and popular mono bags IMO. So why not? Go for it.
  10. I also have the Galliera PM, and my next LV purchase will be the Tivoli GM. I have bee lusting over that bag since it came out. And they are both unique and both has it's own "look"... I love them both! :heart:
  11. I think they look completely different. I was going to ask if Tivoli and Trevi might be too similar...
  12. No no they are totally different IMO.
  13. No.
    These are 2 great bags!
  14. No, there completely different bags altogether.
  15. I don't think so, because I have a Trevi and plan to get the Tivoli next :graucho: