is it very hard to get a Rolex SS Daytona in the US ?

  1. :confused1:I am just wondering if its equally hard to get a Stainless Rolex Daytona in the US as in NZ ? I love the design of the Daytona watch and my DH wanted to buy a pair of them for our wedding annivsary:p
    rang up the store we bought our watches from (we previously bought a pair of Yachtmaster and a submariner from them) and the boss of the store said he can't even put us in the waitinglist because its too long, and we apparently haven't made to their "priority customer" list yet:wtf: to be on the waiting list we would have to purchased something like a 18k Rolex watch ?? its pretty pathetic in NZ , only two stores here are authorized Rolex dealer, the other one is hopeless i am just wondering if its easier to get one in the US ?:confused1:
  2. i don't know if it's easier in the us. however, i was recently in macau and there were so many daytona's at the rolex stores there! i was in shock because my bf had told me that they were really really hard to find. they had all different styles too. maybe you should try giving them a call?
  3. The watch (Stateside) sells for $3000-$3500 over the list price of $7900 (US)'s the "grail" watch from Rolex, has been this way for 30 years, join the club (and the chase) trying to get one @ retail (much less a set!), thats the quest everyone across the planet is on.......

    sorry for the crappy news, but that's supply and demand.....

    my company "vaults" them for special clients, if your spending $125,000 or more, or your famous or an can get one.....
  4. I'm on the waitlist for one, I got on it a while back thinking I'd give it to my x, but since we aren't together anymore my current bf will get it :smile: I love that watch! I bought him a submariner for Valentines day to hold him over til the Daytona comes, hopefully its relatively soon!
  5. True but you may as well get it right now in the grey market because by the time you get up to the top of the wait list, Rolex will have jacked up the price to a ridiculous, unwarranted level. I know there is the service issue but I do not think it is too problematic because there are too many ways to bypass it.

    Anyway, white gold ones are all over the place so you can get one of those if you can afford it and the dial looks better anyway (or alternatively two-tone ones are also over the place).

    But if it was me, I would get another watch. There are much more superior watches with better finish for the price. Just like all other Rolexes, you are buying into the marketing that says they are the ultimate watch when it clearly is not!
  6. Oh my!! I love the Daytona... I really wanted to buy one for DH before, but he doesn't want such a flashy watch! (Go figure~~)

    If your in Auckland, can you call here in Oz and see if you can source one here?

    You can try the Hour Glass

    They are a large authorized dealer and have many stores in Asia. I have been to the King St Store in Sydney and the SAs are very knowledgable
  7. Tried that , they don't even want to take more names to put on the waitlist :nuts:
    I guess we might just have to pay more than the recommended price for the watch if we really want it !
    just seems so unfair :push:
  8. my DH bought the SS daytona with a white face last november at ben bridges. he's been wanting one for the last 5 years! we got lucky one day and met a nice store manager, bought 2 rolexes from him, and DH sweet talked his way into reserving the next SS daytona that was to come into the store (which turned out to be only 1 month later)! of course, the manager had to get the OK from the company, but i guess it all worked out! it's a beautiful watch, but i still don't understand all the hype! that watch/jewelry place (wynn collection?) at wynn casino in vegas once told us they have several of those watches in a vault and only available to VIP players that steve wynn himself handpicks to be sold to. crazy!!
  9. twinkie... do u know any jewellers that u are on very good terms with that may be able to order it for you from the distributor of rolex in NZ?
  10. Come to Dubai
    There are 20000 Daytonas in every store!!!!

    I'll be waiting for you

  11. ^^
    That sounds interesting! From what I have experienced it's difficult to find the stainless version in Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait. Which store would you recommend in Dubai?
  12. Believe me, the are lots!;)

    You can get them from the dealer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.
  13. ^^
    Just called and the SA told me it's not available. He said the waitinglist was closed and that it's totally sold out in all there stores in Dubai.
  14. sorry to dig up the past, but did is there any new news in the SS Daytona realm? I'm planning on getting one... i've already tried it on, and its a beauty...
  15. the current MSRP is over $10k

    I have one :smile: