is it unwise to bring my lv..

  1. I'm heading overseas to asia in about a month and really want to bring my lv with me to use while sightseeing but don't know if it's such a good idea since I've heard many horror stories about bagsnatching:sad: and read on tpf that some of you prefer to use other bags for travel rather than lv.

    My trip is a guided tour so we'll be going in a small group most of the time (except for nights out etc) and we're not going to any rural towns. Do you guys have any suggestions???

    I'd really appreciate it! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  2. What type of bag is it?
  3. It really depends on which part your going but IMO I would take one with less Logo's so it isnt obvious that you have an LV. Also you might be better taking a handheld/shoulder bag because Ive been hearing lots of stories about people getting messenger bags cut off them when in Asia and in Turkey too but mostly in tourist resorts.
  4. Which part of asia are you heading to ? I guess not all parts of asia has high crime rates. ;)
  5. I would take a bag that can go over your shoulder and is light.. Ie Antigua ir something light that goes across your body. Keep in mind you'd want this bag to be able to carry your needed items as well as your light jacket.
  6. I've got a mono sologne. I thought it would be good to use for sightseeing because it's handsfree.

    I'm going to visit most of the capital cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hangzhou etc. I was thinking of getting the damier speedy 30 but that might be a bit annoying having to hold it while im taking photos etc (but i still want to get it at some stage :yes:).
  7. Sologne is lovely. If you can sling it messenger style, that would be the way to go. I believe you'll feel most secure with a shoulder bag and one that can be worn slung over the body. Speedy is a great bag but hands free is so much more useful for traveling/sightseeing, IMO.
    Have a great time!
  8. i don't think it makes much difference WHERE you go; if it's obvious you're carrying an LV, it could get snatched whether you're in Asia or America. if you MUST carry an LV, then go for something discreet like the Damier Musette Salsa or even something from the Taiga line
  9. Agree. Wear it messenger style and it should be fine.
  10. Take something handsfree that you can keep close to your body, that can't be pick pocketed as well. I personally like the pochettes as they fit right underneith the arm and are hard to snatch/pickpocket.
  11. you mentioned that this is a sort of tour group...can you check in with someome and see what thye recommend.
  12. I would bring it if you wear it cross body.
  13. You'll definitely be fine. In Xian and Hangzhou most of the people (especially any potential purse snatchers won't have any idea of your bag's worth). In Shanghai and Beijing....people will either think it's fake (in this case, it's a good thing, lol!) or the people who actually know it's real won't be the thieves but other tourists or locals who know these brands. ;)

    I wouldn't recommend a handheld bag, though. You'll probably be making purchases along the way and taking photos. As others have mentioned, a handsfree one is the way to go.

  14. No offense, but Asia is home of the fake bag makers, so to some people, your bag will just seem like everyone else's...I say bring whatever you like.
  15. I was in the UK and Berlin this spring and carried a papillon 30 with no problems.