Is it unethical to end an auction early if you have a very serious buyer?

  1. There are about 33 people watching my auction right now and I have a very serious buyer. I am reading all your horror stories and I am very tempted to sell the bag to her to avoid all this hassle. BUT i feel i would be extremely unethical and somehow cheat the other sellers of the opportunity to bid on my auction. am i being just being stupid?

    I really appreciate your opinions on this, ladies!
  2. The watchers don't always bid, but I would let the auction run its there a reserve price on your item that has to be met? How many more days left?
    I wouldn't myself...what do others think???
  3. there is a reserve price and it has not been met. and there are 4 days to go.
  4. Personally, I never end my auctions early. You never know who is lurking and waiting to bid at the last minute. I find that people who want you to end the auctions early know that they might get outbid, so they pressure you to end the auction. Generally speaking I think it's best to let auctions run until they end.

  5. I would let it run its course....good luck...
  6. I think ending early takes all the fun out of the auction! And I agree with the previous post, most buyers want to end early so they get the item before the bid goes too high. It's your auction, so if you really like the buyer and the asking price... then go for it. Otherwise, I would tell them to make their best bid in the auction.
  7. As a buyer I get mad when this happens! What if I was willing to pay more than the offer?! The seller will never know and I will never know if I had missed out on a great deal.
  8. If you are happy with the price, go ahead and end it. People who wait to snipe (and I am one of them) are simply risking that this will happen. If they are that interested/worried, they should bid.
  9. If the offer is your reserve price, end it. If not tell her you'll consider her offer if the item doesn't sell.
  10. I don't think it's unethical. However, I've sold alot on eBay and have gotten tons of offers to end an auction early. In only one instance did the item sell for less then the offered amount, and it was just $15 less. So, I'd wait it out if it was up to me. If they really want it, they'll still bid.
  11. Personally, that is why I hate eBay. I just want to know what the price's like buying a car. Just tell me what the price is, and I'll either buy it or pass. But trying to quess what someone is willing to sell something for. That's why I RARELY purchase from eBay. If it's a price that you are happy with...just sell it and move on. Or tell the buyer what you realistically expect for the item to sell for. Then the buyer can take her chances or purchase it.
  12. It's okay to end it early if you sell it ON ebay. If you sell something to the buyer outside of ebay, you have no protection at all.
  13. golden, that's what i told my potential buyer. i told her what i expected to make and gave her examples of similar auctions and if she can match/better it, i would sell to her. if not, i would rather wait it out. i honestly feel bad about pulling an auction but it is a very expensive item and i don't feel that I want to deal with the risk. argh!
  14. I think it's riskier to take the auction down for this potential buyer. I have had people ask me to end auctions early or add the BIN so that they can buy it right away and they hardly ever follow through and actually buy it. I'd let the auction run it's course. If they really want it, they'll bid.
  15. Personally, I would let the auction run its course. If nothing else, out of consideration for the potential future bidders.