is it true????

  1. i heard something ricky martin died:wtf: but i'm not sure because of the drugs or anything else is it true???.Did you hear something about this news?:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. I haven't heard anything:shrugs:
  3. Um, I just did a search on yahoo and there were no news of him dying...
  4. i don't know but some blogs are reporting on it but no one is sure if it's true or not.
  5. That would be really sad. I kinda liked him. Havn't seen much of him lately though.
  6. Are you sure they weren't referring to his music career?:nuts:
  7. ^ prob his music career LOL
  8. I seriously hope it's not true...but one blog is saying that he overdosed on cocaine.And that media sites are being reported on it right now.

    i hope this is a rumor...i would be so sad.
  9. Oh no! I really hope this isn't true. I would go search to see what I could find but I'm on the worlds slowest laptop (curtesy of a friend) so it would take me til this afternoon to find something.:sad:
  10. I searched Google news, and they only had articles about his recent appearances on MTV. I get the feeling that Mr. Martin is still very much alive. Celebrity death rumors are nothing unusual.
  11. Hahaha poor Ricky Martin has become the next Paul from the Wonder Years & Urkeel. I love all of those celebrity death rumors.

    It's better to trust legitimate news sources like rather than dumbbutts like Perez *gag*
  12. thank you guys,i hope it's not true:sad:i love him very much...........