Is it true.........

  1. That there are two different Carly's out there? I was told that the First Carly's have more metal therefor making them a little heavier also they had a purple interior and that there was a second release of them with less metal used and has brown/tan interior? I know a girl who has the same size and outside color as my Carly, yet her bag is lighter and the interior is brown. I know for a fact that she purchased hers at a Coach store.
  2. Are you thinking of the regular Carly and the new 'slim' Carly? I'm not sure what the interior colors are because I don't own one.
  3. I don't know about hardware but as for the interior colors, different color Carly bags may have different interior colors. I know the Khaki/Saddle combo had a purple interior and the newer Khaki/Black combo has a tan interior. The Khaki/Chocolate has a chocolate interior, the Khaki/Chambray has a light blue interior-you get the idea.
  4. are you talking about leather or signature?

    i have a Pilot leather Carly and my interior is like...tan or golden beige--something like that.
  5. My medium parchment is a pretty light blue.
  6. Yes the signature :yes:
  7. Thanks! That makes sense, I have just been reading about the purplish interior that I didn't know the others had different colors. So my friend my very well have the slim version of my khaki/saddle, because the interior of hers is a tan.
  8. I have the khaki/saddle top handle pouch and it has a nice plum/purple interior.
  9. I ve just bought a medium carly in Brass/Khaki/Purple at Coach store. Interior color is purple too.:wlae:
  10. The Khaki/Beet has a dark red interior. It matches my Wine Bleeker Flap Wristlet almost perfectly.